Wednesday, May 19, 2010

White Wednesday, White Sale

I'm going on a road trip, high school class reunion and bringing my daughter home from college.  Over the next 3 weeks, don't think I'll be able log much computer time or if I'll even have internet access in the boonies I'm going to!  I wanted to get one last post in while I can.

So here are a few pictures of things from my etsy shop or things that are supposed to be in my etsy shop but just haven't quite gotten there yet.  If you just have to have something and they aren't in the shop let me know and I'll get off my lazy butt I'll be happy to list them for you.  

Get on over to Kathleen's who hosts White Wednesday over at Faded Charm and check out some people who really know what they're doing!

Have a great White Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

White Wednesday, a few of my favorite things

Here are a few of my favorite things that happen to be white.  Enjoy this White Wednesday, be sure to check out Kathleen and all the other posts over at Faded Charm.

First up is the step stool that usually lives in my pantry.  That back drop is not a pretty site at the moment so I moved it out into the hall.  I got this from my Uncle Jack who had it at his cabin until he decided to sell.  I love the chippy white paint and knowing it used to be from a favorite Uncle makes it more special to me.  I'm sure you've seen similar step stools before, the top seat hinges up so you can also use that as a step.  I use it alot, alot, alot.

Next is a little 'arrangement' I made for Mother's Day.  I've changed the little sign to spring now.  Who doesn't love birds?  I especially like Robins, my home state of Michigan's state bird.

Now if anyone were to ask what my favorite thing to drink was, if I could only drink one thing for the rest of my life, contrary to popular belief, it would not be a margarita, it would be milk!

Here's a tall cool one in glass from my favorite restaurant, the Hungry Peddler in LaCrosse Wisconsin.  Since we moved from Minnesota, it's not so convenient to get there, go figure.  It's probably been 8 years since we've had the pleasure.  I'll be up north for a couple trips this summer so I'm hoping I can get my fix.  The Hungry Peddler is a little, maybe 18 tables, family owned restaurant with great food and fair prices.  If you're int the area treat yourself, you won't be disappointed. 

Well, now I've done it, I'm hungry!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Silver Sunday

Otay, when I took my pictures for White Wednesday, I got motivated to prepare for Silver Sunday as well.  I finally got around to putting some silver trays above my kitchen cabinets, like I've been meaning to do.  We've been in this house over 3 years and I hadn't decided on what to put above the cabinets until I say a picture in a decorating book that gave me the idea to use these old silver hammered aluminum trays I've been collecting.  Sorry, I can't tell you what the book title was.  BTW, I was buying one at an estate sale once and the woman checking me out said she made one of them in school, like in Home Ec class or something.  Interesting, I haven't done any research, I just like the way they look.

So not all hammered aluminum

The pieces on this vintage tray are not vintage, they are from Southern Living a few years ago.  They have the hammered look.  I don't know that they made this type of pieces years ago.

I'm starting to collect old silver-plated silverware to do something crafty with them.  I've also stumbled across some flatware by Marcrest that I think I'll start collecting because I collect their Daisy and Dot pattern dishes.  Hum.....is there a Brown day out there?

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