Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hookers and Strippers

Here's a little gadget I got at my favorite junk store some time back.  
It's a little wool stripper. 

It only cuts one thin strip at a time.

I think you could clamp it onto a counter or table edge 
but there were no clamps included.

I've always loved old wool hooked rugs, 
with their beautiful muted colors and primitive designs.

I'm not as adventurous as Cathy at Acorn Hollow.  
Here's a beautiful large rug she recently finished.

There was also a super cool covered ottoman but I couldn't find it again.

I think I'd like to try something small little pins.  
Maybe heart, star, or flower shaped or maybe just a circle.

Getting some inspiration from a couple talented hookers on Etsy.....

Loopy flower from Autumn Hathaway.

Wool hooked circle ornaments by Primitives for sale.

But is little chick is pretty darn cute.  Also by Primitives for Sale.
Be inspired to start hooking or go shoppin'!

Happy Vintage Friday, on Saturday.

Joining Debra at Common Ground.

Check out my giveaway for my 1 Year Blogiversary.....


Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Year Blogiversary!

All righty then!

March 2nd will mark my one year blog-iversary!  So excited!

I have had so much fun this past year in blogland.  I don't know what got me started reading blogs, but once I started ricocheting from blog to blog I was hooked.  Soon my stalking turned into a desire to start my own blog, to participate more fully in the fun.  It's been amazing finding others who share the same ideals and aesthetics, as well as discovering worlds I never imagined existed.  I have enjoyed the generous outpouring of feelings, ideas, inspiration, and encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, left a comment, or become a follower of, my little old blog.  I really really really appreciate your visits and feel the love!

I want to celebrate with a give away.  So I hope I've picked some exciting treats to entice you all to enter.

These are a few things I've been playing with lately.

First, there is a journal that I posted about recently here,
someplace for you to put down your really bid ideas or 
keep your grocery list,

and a bookmark,

.....and some birdies, 'cause I've got to use up all those book pages somehow!

Second, are some sweet little posies in vintage Blue Willow coffee cup.

Tucked in, is a vintage mirrored place setting piece that I've written, "Think Spring".
If you haven't seen these before there is a frosted section on the mirror which allows you to erase and change the name or message.

Lastly, is a spring inspired necklace I've made especially for this occasion!

A skeleton key is surrounded by pretty little pink, white, and gold charms.  
The tiniest flower basket filled with pink rhinestones,
a white and pink pearl dangle,
a rhinestoned butterfly,
and the sweetest little pink shell button I've ever rested my eyes on,
layered atop a white flower button!
All on a vintage gold beaded chain I found on a recent treasure hunt.

The rules? 
I'll borrow some from other giveaways out there.

To enter:
leave a comment on this post for one chance
followers get another chance
add this button to your sidebar for a third chance
Bonus Round:
Guess correctly what project I have just completed.
It's been on the docket for at least a year!

Please, if you would, leave a comment for each entry, thank you!

I will pick a winner after midnight March 2nd central time. I will be employing the ever so sophisticated method of putting all your names on little pieces of paper and asking an impartial picker to draw one name from a hat.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Silver Hearts

Gina over at Junk In My Trunk clued me in on this new, to me, tool from Whale Shark Websites that allows you to post a treasury from etsy to your blog.   Here's proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

I love to collect little trinket boxes so in honor of Valentines Day and taking a que from Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal I went treasury hunting at etsy to bring something to her Silver Sunday.

Happy Valentines Day!

'Silver Sunday' by zueeuz

Trying out whalesharkwebsite.com app to post treasury to my blog.

















Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers and Etsy Listings, Win Win

Woo Hoo!!!  We're PACKER fans at our house.  I watched the game by myself, well, just me and the puppy.  The little girl is at school and Mr. Wonderful and my baby boy actually got tickets to the Super Bowl!  A once in a lifetime thing so it's fantastic that the Packers WON!

I started this post last night because I watching the game is too stressful.  I only like to watch the Packers when they are running away with the game.  When they're losing it's too frustrating and if it's close like last nights game turned into, I can't handle it!

I'm tried to use my time wisely.  I've listed a few new things in my etsy shop.  I have really been neglecting etsy, hopefully this will be a start of me getting back on track.  I't just that my inventory is so unorganized.  A couple months ago I was asked by a new boutique in town to carry some of my stuff.  Something I've always wanted, by was afraid to ask.  So what's at the store and what's at home for me to sell, that is the question.  Not that it's all that complicated, I'm just a procrastinator.  Yadda yadda yadda!

Here are some bracelets I've finished lately.  I love these!  I saw something like these along time ago on etsy but don't have a bookmark for it.  Thank you, whoever had the idea first!  I've made a couple before but it takes a long time to find a good variety of earring sets to mix and match.  I made one for myself from my Gramma's earrings.  Just makes me smile to wear it.

Also, I didn't show you what else I did with some of those Reader's Digest insides.  I think I saw book pages folded like this on Teresa's blog Garden Vintage Antiques.

I haven't gotten them all listed on etsy yet and I'll probably take some to the shop.  (I guess I didn't use my time that wisely.)  So if you see something you just gotta have let me know, I'll "hook you up".

Friday, February 4, 2011

Judging a book by it's cover

I've always liked the covers on old Readers Digest books.  The colors and designs, just do it for me, what can I say?  I wanted to make some journals using the RD cover for the covers.  So what to do with the rest of the book.  I didn't want to just toss it in the recycling bin.

For Christmas I made a few trees.  See the post here.

Last summer I got carried away making these, see the post here.

Cootie catchers.....ignore the spelling error, I eventually fixed it but didn't take another picture.

Then I needed a different way to card my earrings because of a tag issue for a sale I wanted to join.

So I came up with this.

Still I have alot more pages than ideas.  How many unbound book stacks can one have until their family turns them into the hoarder show?!

Anyway back to the point of this post.....the journals.

So here they are.  That's velvet fabric on the spines.  Pictures are pages from the books.  I'm much more comfortable embellishing with fabrics and notions than paper.  I don't know how some of you do it, I just can't get loose enough

The insides are stacks of vintage and odds and ends paper.  Accounting spread sheets, graphing paper, steno pads, music composition sheets, odd scrap-booking papers, and a variety of lined and solid color sheets.  I saw someone use a mix of recycling paper somewhere online a long time ago and always thought that was a interesting idea.

I thought the spines would make fun bookmarks.

I haven't posted in forever and I haven't linked up with Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday for even longer.  Treat yourself to a look around Common Ground for all the vintage goodness over there.  

BTW, we finally got some snow action that everyone else in the nation seems to have already gotten.  Only a half inch for us here, boo hiss!  Remember, I'm from the mid-west I love the stuff. 

Yeah, a little wind with this weather too.  That first cushion is not just covered with snow.  Those #%& squirrels ripped the top off to get at the stuffing for their nests.  Well, I hope they're warm!!!
I'm leaving it in hopes they won't attack another cushion.

The water's on so the pipes don't freeze.

School is canceled because of the ice under the snow.  Mr. Wonderful went to work.  Just me and the puppy here.  She was able to find a spot to go potty so she's all right.  By the time I go out all the snow will be melted.

Keep warm everyone!