Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers and Etsy Listings, Win Win

Woo Hoo!!!  We're PACKER fans at our house.  I watched the game by myself, well, just me and the puppy.  The little girl is at school and Mr. Wonderful and my baby boy actually got tickets to the Super Bowl!  A once in a lifetime thing so it's fantastic that the Packers WON!

I started this post last night because I watching the game is too stressful.  I only like to watch the Packers when they are running away with the game.  When they're losing it's too frustrating and if it's close like last nights game turned into, I can't handle it!

I'm tried to use my time wisely.  I've listed a few new things in my etsy shop.  I have really been neglecting etsy, hopefully this will be a start of me getting back on track.  I't just that my inventory is so unorganized.  A couple months ago I was asked by a new boutique in town to carry some of my stuff.  Something I've always wanted, by was afraid to ask.  So what's at the store and what's at home for me to sell, that is the question.  Not that it's all that complicated, I'm just a procrastinator.  Yadda yadda yadda!

Here are some bracelets I've finished lately.  I love these!  I saw something like these along time ago on etsy but don't have a bookmark for it.  Thank you, whoever had the idea first!  I've made a couple before but it takes a long time to find a good variety of earring sets to mix and match.  I made one for myself from my Gramma's earrings.  Just makes me smile to wear it.

Also, I didn't show you what else I did with some of those Reader's Digest insides.  I think I saw book pages folded like this on Teresa's blog Garden Vintage Antiques.

I haven't gotten them all listed on etsy yet and I'll probably take some to the shop.  (I guess I didn't use my time that wisely.)  So if you see something you just gotta have let me know, I'll "hook you up".


  1. These are gorgeous and the way you mix and match the colors and shapes is perfect. I think I might have to borrow that folded book idea for displays. Love 'em.

  2. They are lovely I have a lot of earrings I put all over a wicker lamp shade I have.

  3. O.K. now we're talking jewelry!!! These are gorgeous! I've never seen anything like these..love it.

  4. These are really lovely...so original and creative!

  5. Love your blog and especially this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Absolutely beautiful bracelets. But I also love the books used as jewelry displays. How far did you fold the pages back? Half way? Love the look.

  7. You are so very talented! Those are gorgeous, truly. Theresa xoxo

  8. Beautiful work! You are very talented! Love all the baubles draped over the book--great idea and it makes for a fabulous photo!