Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New to me Purses - White Wednesday

Hope you're not saying "again with the purses!"

Sorry, they are white and I have pictures.  2 excellent reasons to make a post and to join in Kathleen's White Wednesday Party over at Faded Charm.

Here they are, making themselves at home.

Jewel Bokay

La Paloma, I happened to be wearing turquoise the day I got these so I changed purses in the car, couldn't wait!

Got them both together at my favorite junk store, the store if I told you where it was my junkin' buddy would  kill me.  Then she'd probably have to kill you too.  So I'm keeping it to myself for your own good.

So here are all my Enid Collins bags.  I didn't know I would love them until I saw my first one.

They're just so darn fun!


This is my first baby, another Jewel Bokay.  She's coming out with me today.

This is my second one called Paisley, she's been here before.

Here's how you recognize these as Enid Collins bags.  
They have names on the side as part of the design.

The Collins of Texas logo on the inside pocket.

Copyright Collins of Texas.

Purse Love!

Here's something I'm working on and hopefully I'll have it completed  for next weeks White Wednesday.  But for now go enjoy the beautiful white everyone has to share over at Faded Charm.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hook-Up Your Hutch and Blue and Brown Quicky

I've been kinda MIA posting here.  Also linking up to Finally getting caught up on life after being out of town for 3 weeks.  I'm jumping back in with some pictures to link up to a couple parties.  Hook-Up Your Hutch over at Jennifer's Blog and the Great Blue and Brown Blog Bonanza at Cindy's Cottage InstinctsAlso linking up to Courtney's French Country Cottage for Feather Your Nest Party.


Dining Room Hutch
Entry hall hutch, I recently added the music sheets to the back.

Master bedroom blues and brown


Between the master bath and closet

Master bath

more bathroom

One last blue and brown int he living room.

I've been busy with putting things together for fall craft shows so I'm hoping to get some pictures taken to show you I've been doing with those treasure bits I gathered on my trip up north.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Again - White Wednesday

I'm home again from my mid-west adventures.  I L-O-V-E the mid-west!  Was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  My husband is from Wisconsin and we lived the majority of our lives together in Minnesota.  Most of our family lives in the mid-west.  I'm risking shocking or even offending die hard Texans, but Texas is just okay.  I mean this is where my home is now, but my heart longs to be in the mid-west!  We'll get back there someday.  

When someone asks me where I'm from, this is how I usually answer.   
"Well, we're living in Texas now, but I'm from Upper Michigan."

Anyway, now that I'm "home", I want to catch up on my blogging world.  So here's a few quick White Wednesday pictures.  Get on over to Kathleen's Faded Charms blog and check out all the amazing White Wednesday links!

This is an amazing old bird house we saw at Oronoco Gold Rush.  If I had room to haul it, display it, money to buy it, if I didn't think my Mr. Wonderful would kill me if I brought this into the house, it would have been mine!  Ya, I live in a dream world.

This is a picture has some of my necklaces.  My Illinois sister wanted to take some pictures outside at her house and she liked the juxtaposition of the jewels against the rustic finish of the fountain.  We both love that word, juxtaposition.  Try it, juxtaposition.  Sorry, but some words are just fun to say.  Plus, she loves dappled sunshine.  That's another fun word, dappled!

Here's another necklace, I came across this, looking for white pictures.  I made this to sell.  I love it but would never wear it.  Is that weird?  Does anyone else ever make stuff they think is cool just not something they would have for themselves?  Just wondering.....