Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday - Wire Cloche

 I seem to get alot done when I'm avoiding doing something I should be doing.  I just can't seem to finish cleaning and organizing my laundry/pantry/office/craft room.  One of these days I'll have reveal photos to share, but not today.

My internet was down earlier today.  Instead of doing the unplug and replug thing to get it going again, I just looked at my email files.  This is where I copy and store favorite ideas I find online and in blogs. 

Cool stuff like this.....

From Pink Roses and Other Passions

From 52 Flea

So, I tried my hand at making a couple for myself.


The chicks seem to like them, hope you do too.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Lamb

 I'm joining Chania at Razmatz for her Easter Photo Challenge.

Never did get up into the attic to get my box of Easter decorations.  But this week, I had some unexpected fun with a friend and her visiting sister and this lamb followed me home.


The Lamb

Have a joyous Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Thinking Than Doing Going On

In my quest to stay focused and get things done I've been thinking about upholstering a couple stools and an ottoman.  I'm a sucker for stools and benches, they over run the house! 
My Mr. Wonderful loves them too.....not! 
But back to me!

They're stacked in the living room next to a sideboard.
They're stacked next to an armoire.

They are in front of or under chairs.

I have one here because I first had it as a side table by a chair but when I got a little french provincial nightstand to replace it, I just put it here and it's just stayed.  I put my purse on it so it doesn't go on the kitchen counter.  That would be my effort to avoid more germs, ha!

And when I went around to take these pictures I came across these as well.

This is actually a tool box, upside down.

Sorry, please do not adjust you screen, fuzzy picture.

This one I was going to revamp but it got a little worse before it got better so.....  

 These are the ones I'm thinking about upholstering now, plus an ottoman with the cutest feet, but that's in my storage unit. 

 Then it dawns on me.....
I don't have a stapler!  

I've had 2 of these.....

Sears Craftsman, but I've broken them both.  I liked how they worked, forward action and all, but the casing is plastic and that's what broke.  Sears doesn't have the lifetime warranty on their tools like they used to, hence the second one.  It did have some jamming and miss firing, but are there any staplers out there that don't?? 

After a quick search on line I might get one of these.....

Also a Sears Craftsman but this is the 'heavy duty' model.  Not that I consider what I'm planning or what I've done in the past to be 'heavy duty', but maybe Sears does.  It looks about the same as the other but with a metal casing.  Plus, bonus.....I recently found a Sears gift card I'd forgotten about!

Problem is, there are mixed reviews so I'm looking for more, possibly mixed, reviews.  Let me know if you have had any experience with this stapler or if you'd recommend another.  I'd appreciate it.  

I'd love to run out and buy an air compressor and a truck load of tools to go with, but alas, I'm not independently wealthy, nor do I think I'd use them enough to warrant their purchase.

Hope to have something to show you soon!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 Ways to Repurpose Home Furnishings

The HGTV site had this link on their front page  Check it out!

12 Ways to Repurpose Home Furnishings

Number #1

I think this is so cool.  Did you see the hanger as a curtain hanger, to funny!
Hurry up Joan of Anything Goes Here has sold almost all her hangers in her etsy store

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Got Me Some Good Junk

Most of my found treasures from last week are cleaned up and ready to enjoy.  As I mentioned in my last post, my sister came for a visit, timed around Round Top.  She's the best junking partner!  We like alot of the same stuff but didn't fight over too many treasures.  She was only here Tuesday through Saturday, never enough time.  We also hit some local garage sales and junk shops, as well as a couple unique shops my sister likes to visit when she's in this neck of the woods.

I think this was my first purchase in Warrenton.  Totally an impulse purchase, not on my list, didn't need them, not antique or vintage.  Just had to have them!

New shades for our Dining room chandelier.  The plastics still on, they're just propped up there so I can see if I like them.  

They are a wider and shorter shape than my previous shades.  I also bought some shade clips, chandelier bulb size.  Glad to find them since I've never seen them before.  Got them from, Bea Rudder of

Bits and pieces of jewelry and ? sold by the quart jar.  I crammed all this, except the small perfume bottles, in my jar plus a handful of things my sister picked out   And my manicure survived!

 Not sure where this will end up, I just loved the chippy goodness of this old table part (I think).

This is a mix of flea and garage sale.

I didn't notice until I was taking pictures but these brads have the tiniest acorns on them.

I want to change out my store display with this piece.

Boxes and frames.

I bought this picture for the frame but I like the picture too.  I haven't cleaned it yet so not sure what condition it's in.  The letter 'n' is for by baby boy Nicolas.

This is as cleaned up as it's going to get.  It had been used as a painting stool and the top, which was originally caned was covered with 2 different attempts to make it functional.

 Some lenses I'll need to practice soldering to use.  Can always find a need for crystals!

 I got this half pillar to put in this odd niche in our guest bath.  I'm thinking of adding some hooks but need to decide what I'll hang from it before I figure out what kind of hooks to use.
  What do you think?  Plates?  Pictures?  Diddley bops?

Communion cups.  Seriously, what did I think I was going to do with these?!

I got these at a garage sale that should have been an estate sale.  But they were practically giving the stuff away.  There is a set of 8 each of the glasses in front.  The guy had dropped the box with the plates that morning so there were only a few unbroken plates.  I really just bought this for the pitcher.  My sister suggested I use it for Margarita's and I was sold!  See why I like junking with her?!  Those are plastic melamine glasses in the back, my mom still has some of these from when we were kids, I just like them.

A few odds and ends from here and there.  I have several of these chunky glass ashtrays.  I don't smoke but if I did.....

I love the shape of the tapestry covered purse but not the print so much, I'm thinking of embellishing/covering it with lace or something. 

Game pieces and beads.

Old silverware box, chandelier parts, and what my sister calls an ugly bouquet, but I like it for some reason.  It's something I've never seen before but came across 3 more while out and about.  That's happened to me before with other things, has that ever happened to you?  Weird!

 Almost forgot about these, they were tucked in a different corner of the garage.

 Another wicker trunk.  This will go at the foot of a twin bed in my little girls room whenever I get around to bed swapping the kids rooms.

 Original fabric.....not!  Seriously, do some dealers just make this stuff up or are they just misinformed?!
But I just l-o-v-e the inside color!

And this room size (14x16) rug, just love, love, love the colors!  I used to see these all the time but wouldn't pop for the price tag.  This one has some damage on the ends so I got a good deal.  This would go great with our more shabby than chic LR furniture now, but not so sure with the new furniture we just ordered last week.  I may take the sections apart and use them as runners in our front and back halls.  Then use the rest to upholster some stools or an ottoman I have waiting for me in my storage unit.

This is a box of things my sister left behind.  Should I tell her I didn't find any Christmas balls?  The prettiest things are covered, a little blue vase in the tea towel and some beautiful vintage animal prints on the bottom.  Our husbands are meeting up in Dallas for NACAR next weekend so she'll get a belated treat box.

Oh, and the best place to get coffee in Warrenton is from the Coffee Bug guy, ask anyone, they'll tell you where to find him!  Even Tori Spelling and her husband sent their assistant to go fetch them some!  Yup, that's it for our brush with fame.....and I was waiting in the truck!  Ha!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Party's Over

My sister and her husband visit is over and they left for their home in northern Illinois in the wee hours this morning.  I got up to say good bye but then went back to sleep for a few more hours.  Having most of our family in the beautiful mid-west we've made similar trips many times, it's a looong day!.   

Their visit coincided with Round Top on purpose, but we did have some other fun in the sun.  We had a couple nights grilling and swimming in the pool.  One afternoon we rented a boat on Lake Travis.  And of course we enjoyed plenty of rita's all around.

 My sister and brother in law.

Felling a little wind blow in the back of the boat.

My Mr. Wonderful at the wheel.

  My sister and I spent 2 days around the Round Top and Warrenton areas.  The first morning was cooold, not what my sister came down for!  But I'd rather have a little cold weather than sweltering heat.  It took us a while to get in the groove but by the time we were out of time, we were also out of cash and space in our truck.

I haven't unpacked and cleaned my treasures yet but since I have been MIA in blogland lately, I wanted to get a quick post up.  So here are a couple pictures of mostly my sister's treasures waiting to be loaded.

Some of what she collects are old prints and paintings that she frames herself, cutting her own mats and re-building vintage frames.  The new addition they've added to their house has an arts and crafts feel, so that stain glass window will go in there someplace.  She plans to put grand baby pictures in the windows of the old doll house walls.

The muscle!  That scrolls and leaf iron piece is a newer, something I've had in my house for awhile, that she's bringing home for her daughter to use in her home.

This is the best picture I got of them about to leave.  I told you they left in the wee hours of the morning!

I'm hoping to get all my treasures organized today and tomorrow to show you all in a post but my sister and I were up late last night yakking so I think it's time for a nap.