Monday, February 4, 2013

How Long Was I Sleeping?

Sorry, that was from a joke last night.  But I do feel like I've been sleeping on the job here.  Not going to count the months it's been since I last posted.  
And etsy, ya, that's looking like a permanent vacation.

How about a New Years resolutions, ha, February already, let's just say I'm a late bloomer.  I really do enjoy my time here in blogland and etsy so I'd love to get myself back into it all.  

I haven't just been sitting here sleeping, I've been up and at 'em, out and about, here and there, 
just look.....

Made some jewelry for one of my niece's wedding party.

 All 8 of us brothers and sisters were at the wedding, but this is just us girls.
 Ah, ya, the wedding was in Wisconsin, had to tour a brewery, duh.

One of my sweet nephews posing in front of the tree I helped my little sister put up.

Of course I spent as much time with the little girl as possible since the only time she was home was while I was still gone.  
Hum, how did that happen?

 Made some hanging things for her and her roommates stuff.

 And for the jewelry as well.

Auction treasures?

 But I did dodge a different bullet while up north, moving my son into a new apartment.  Ya, not a fan of that kinda schlepping.

Hosted a going away party for some friends, boo hoo.

Kinda went overboard making cuffs.

And some of these.

 And a few of these.

 Cause you know I do these in the fall.

 Another niece had these 2 handsome gentlemen.

And visited more nephews.

The defunct antique booth, piled to the ceiling, where to put all that good junk now?


Then there was Christmas, birthdays, a cold, New Years, and the super bowl!

Really.....ain't nobody got time for that!