Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where Have I Been

 So, what's been keeping me.....
2 weeks ago I got sick with some stomach bug, couldn't eat, stomach in constant cramp.  I probably would have suffered in not so silent, silence but we were going on a trip at the end of the week so after a few day my doctor fixed me right up with some anti stomach spasm meds.
Short story long I was feeling good enough by Friday morning to get off the couch and venture out to an estate sale.  Ya, I wasn't up to posting but I had energy enough to read emails.

So with my assurance that I could get what I wanted for less than $500 and Mr. Wonderful's blessing, after his "has the thrill of the new living room furniture worn off already?"  I was off bright and early to get this.....

I'm such a sucker for french provincial, I'm about to start annoying myself.

This is the old set we bought for our first house 25 years ago.  I still like the style fine, but the stain, or lack there of, wasn't doing it for me anymore.  Mr. Wonderful doesn't like painted furniture (ya, the cupboard is painted black but I do get my way occasionally) and I wasn't up for stripping and staining and hiring it out wouldn't be cheap.  So.....a sweet young couple answered our craigslist ad and I hope they enjoy it for as long as we have.

I plan to change out the seat cushions when I find the perfect fabric but in the mean time the fabric is in good condition and even matches the rug.  So does Pebbles!

The style is so different from before, I'm having a creative block of what to put on top, but no worries.....yet.

After running back into Austin, cause I left behind the dang leaves in my excitement, and giving it a quick wipe down with Old English, I was a bit worn out but I had to get packing!

Because Mr. Wonderful spends so much time at work is so good at what he does he was rewarded and because I work so hard to spend the money we don't spend enough time together, spouses (or guest of his choice) were invited.  We've been lucky enough to go on a couple these conferences before but the company had stopped hosting them in efforts to trim the budget so we're glad they brought them back.

Along the north shore of Oahu
 The conference was on Maui but we spent a few days ahead on Oahu in Waikiki.

Along the road to Diamond Head
 Sorry I wasn't up to hiking to the top of the Diamond Head crater.

Maui was so lush.

I thought these trees were so cool.

Arizona Memorial
 We toured Pearl Harbor.

The Arizona
 I was confused, I thought the attraction would be the ship when of course it is the Memorial.

The Missouri
Not to worry, Mr. Wonderful did get to tour a battle ship.  He had an uncle stationed there at the time who was able to swim to safety.

We had a car on Oahu so we saw alot in a few days.  But on Maui we were bused to and from the airport to the resort.  We were surprised how much it looked like parts of Texas, all brown with scraggly trees.  However, the resort was very lush and posh.  Definitely the nicest hotel we've ever had the pleasure of staying.  Gotta love it when someone else is paying the bill!

The view from our room.
 For me it's all about the decor.....

Not a great picture but that's a chaise lounge at the foot of the bed.  We used it as a dumping ground but I did have to sit in it just once before we checked out.  Ha!

An interesting piece of furniture.

Probably a nicer bath than ours at home!

A quick picture on our way to catch the bus back to the airport.
 The event kept us busy with planned activities like speakers and dinners and our free time was spent at the resorts beach and pool areas.  Our one outing was snorkeling which neither of us had done before, so that was fun.  We managed not to burn ourselves into looking like lobsters.  Didn't get the chance to do much shopping but did bring home a few little trinkets.

We didn't take alot of pictures.  I am years behind in scrap booking.  The pictures I take now are mostly for blogging.  Ha!  Oh well, in 10 years time, I hope to have grand children to photograph.  No pressure!