Sunday, February 19, 2012

Putting a Few Things Together

I'd like to share some pictures of a few things I've put together lately.
First up is this tiered caddy, my take on the caddies I've seen on etsy, Pinterest, and Pottery Barn.
I have collected a bunch of these vintage loaf pans for a project I ended up not liking, so I used them here. 

 Some more rings made from vintage earrings.

Wine bags from vintage fabrics.

Had some old and not so old glass paper weights.  
Put some vintage bits and pieces under glass. 

Some more sun catchers.

Made some cupcake stands and some flower cupcakes.  
Inspiration from Pinterest.

I tried my hand at some faux mercury glass candle holders.

A couple necklaces.  This perfume bottle got a rhinestone earring bling.

I added a cameo to the front of this locket picture album necklace.

Now I need to list some things in my etsy shop.  A little embarrassing having the shelves empty after I gushed last fall about how easy they have made the listing process.  My bad.

Have a great week everyone!