Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Chriatmas

 Merry Christmas to All 
and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


She has a picture from my last weeks post included in her post this week.
Thank you Kathleen.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finished Project

I had several projects I planned to finish this month, before my kids came home for Christmas break.  Well, I didn't cross much off that list but I don't have time to worry about that now.  Because I want to show you all one thing I did get done.  First let me show you my inspiration.

Does anyone remember this from the Decorating Cents show that used to be on HGTV?  I can't remember how long ago I first saw this dog house, but I've always wanted to make one.

I don't remember this from the show but it's kinda a cute idea.  I like the little pressed glass bowls, ok the beaded trim is alittle too much.  I might put this on my list for when my little girl take the puppy to live with her.

Otay, sorry, I got distracted by something sparkly.  I'm getting a little cocky here, having actually finished a project!

Short story long, here's our new dog house!


I think she actually likes it!  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!  

Plus this weekend I got her to roll over, something we never did before.  
Does it count if bacon was involved?

See, Pebbles stayed in even after I was done taking pictures and put the unsightly phone and remote back on the nightstand.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Christmas Happy

So I think I'm finally done playing with Christmas decorations.  Otay, there may be a thing or two I'm still thinkin' about.  But.....

I want to join Debra of Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday so I'm going to show you some vintage inspired vignette around the house.

I showed you some book trees from the Bachman Idea house in this post.

This was my attempt last week, definitely needs something.

Well, here it is now!

I hope you like it, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I just picked these up today at a local bi-monthly garage sale.

 Just lined them up here until I decide what I'll do with them.

And finally, here is my tease from the other day.  

 I got this tool box at an estate sale last week.  A few poinsettias and it's good to go.

Just a few more vintage shots from around the house.

I make these trays from vintage metal filigree picture frames with button handles.  These were made from a fabric scrape I found.  I later saw some drapery panels at an antique store made from the same fabric.  They claimed it was patterned after Grandma Moses paintings.  So cool!  

One week to Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Workin' On It

 I'm working on my Christmas decorating.  Seems like it takes me until Christmas Eve to finish playing.  But I have some white things for White Wednesday at Kathleen's Faded Charm.  I haven't participated because I don't like to join in unless I have time to visit the other lovely entries.  Oh, I just popped over there to get the link, lots of yummy things to see, I'm going to be busy.

So my whites never seem as white as Kathleen's but then she should know best right, if she's hosting, right.  So I'm not going to beat myself up for showing you my off whites and a couple blurry pictures.  Apologies in advance.  So here goes.  So I'll stop with the so's now.

A friend of mine saved the fresh cuts from their tree bottoms each year.  Her kids named each of their trees, cute huh?  But I started this kinda late in our family life and usually just put the year.  A couple notes though, one for a new house and anther for a tree brought down from my mom's house in Michigan.  Btw, the best tree we ever got, as far as long lasting, was a tree we picked out in the pouring rain.

Next picture is not my house.

You may remember this picture from the Bachman Idea house, see the post here.  I have alot of Reader's Digest books because I love the covers and want to do something clever with them.  I'll let you know what that is when I figure it out myself.  Anyway, I like this cause it's retro/recycling.  And here's my attempt.....

 Ya, not so much.  Now that I look at the Bachman picture I see I need some greenery.  I went last night to Walmart but they didn't get any fake snow in this year.  What's up with that?  I asked a friend if they looked like trees and she said she'd need another drink first.

See the top needs something.  That decorating until Christmas Eve and all, gotta leave something for me to do.

In Minnesota we had a fireplace in the family room and I'd load the mantel up with snowmen.  But my Mr. Wonderful would wake up from a nap and think they were all staring at him.  Sheesh!  The things I do for that man!  Hopefully he's not falling asleep at the dining room table.

Some of this garland has been put up.  I just got the old bulbs at an estate sale and plan to put them on the tree that is yet to be picked out.

My favorite snowman!

Staircase done and seeds from pinecone garland vacuumed.

And a sneak peak for a Vintage Inspiration Friday post with Debra at Common Ground.

I'm sure Mr. Wonderful is wondering what the @#$%&* this is doing in the living room!  

I just here to exercise his heart.  I do my best.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What I did when I should have been doing something else

I seem to get alot done when I'm avoiding doing what I should be doing.  

A chronic procrastinator is a person who has mastered their ability to justify why something can or should be delayed, often deciding illegitimately that they cannot begin a task due to external forces beyond their control.

Ya, that sounds like me.  Ha!

See, I couldn't put up Christmas decorations because first I should clean the house good, and second, I didn't want to get into the attic without my husband's help.  I did try.  My all purpose room, laundry, pantry, office, and jewelry making room is a huge catch all for clutter.  So I started organizing all my bits and bobbles when I came across some spritz cookie press discs.  Almost forgot I'd gotten these out junking one day, liked the patina and thought they'd be something different.

Anyway the organizing got sidetracked 
and this is what I came up with.

Spritz cookie necklaces!

This is my favorite.


 I put a few in my etsy shop and the others I brought to a new shop here in town, Che Bella, that is caring some of my jewelry and home decor creations.

Btw, I did finish with my Christmas decorating.  
I made these a week ago, it just took me a week to post.