Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On the Road Quickie

 I've been away from here for so long, I just want to post a few pictures to show you all a little of what I've been up too.  I'm a little more than half way through an almost month long trip to visit family in the beautiful mid-west.

My first stop was only 6 hours away in Oklahoma City where my baby boy moved for law school.  I'm stopping there on my way home as well so hope to share a few shots of a clean (ha!) apartment.  What?!  You're not holding your breath?!

Next stop Minneapolis to see the little girl.
Then Wausau, Wisconsin to see my little sister and her family.  (I'm really bad about taking pictures.)
After about a week at my Mom's I remembered to get the camera out.

 My nephew lives with my Mom.

Well, him and his 2 dogs and I don't know how many train models!

 Cute little trailer parked in someone's yard in my hometown.

Just a fun dresser with flowers I couldn't pass by without taking a photo.  This was on the way to my brother's house in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Now I'm back in Mnpls, but leaving tomorrow for Rochester.  We used to live in Zumbro Falls, near Rochester so I'll be visiting a few friends as well as meeting my big sister for Gold Rush in Oronoco, this coming weekend.  Yippy!

The a few more days at her house in Illinos next week, which might include a visit to the American Pickers shop Antique Archaeology in Iowa.

Even though Gold Rush is a big junking deal I've collected a few treasures already.

Including this beauty case I've already put to good use holding some craft toys.

A few treasures I had handy.  That jar of buttons is one of 8 jars I had to buy from my Mom's homemakers group because my Mom had donated all her buttons to their garage sale!  What was she thinking?!  

Phew, good thing they had them for the low, low, low price of $1.50 a jar! 

The jewelry box I cleaned up for the little girl.

Darn, the picture with her happy face didn't turn out.

Well this has taken a lot longer than I'd thought, especially when I keep nodding off.

Sorry in advance, it may take a while for me to respond to your comments since I'm 
on the road again!