Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On the Road Again!

I'm a mid-west girl at heart.  Texas has got some good junk but my all time favorite flea market is GOLD RUSH DAYS in downtown Oronoco, Minnesota.  And that's were I'm headed PDQ!

Maybe get a glimpse of Ki.....

Maybe get some jewels to re-purpose, cause I've used up all I've got, ha!

We lived just down the road from Oronoco for 11 years (we've been in TX for 13, omg, time flies!)  Gold Rush was a family get together for us, at our house.  Some of my brothers and sisters would come with their kids and we'd all have a ball.

The guys would go golfing, one day they hit 3 golf courses, wt?!
My niece Nikki would babysit the younger kids, now she's a mommy to her own twin baby boys.

And us girls would go junkin!  Oh, we didn't call it 'junking' way back then, we called it 'antiquing' but let's just call it what it is.....lookin' for some good junk!

The end of the day we'd all get together for dinner on the deck.  Maybe take in a Honker's game.  One year we planned a big day of canoeing and picnicking on the Zumbro River.  Boy o' boy, that was fun!

Well, the last few years I've been able to visit my family in the mid-west around Gold Rush Day's.  Now, isn't that convenient?  So here's my itinerary, sort of, Illinois, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  Far enough and long enough that I'll need to get my oil changed while on vacation, ha!

So what I went and did was talk a couple of my sister's into having a booth at Gold Rush.  Ya, seemed like a good idea at the time.  Not so much once I started packing up all the good junk to sell, ha!  Fun can be soooo much work.  We did this once before at a sale in Illinois.  My Sister's Treasures rides again! 

If you're lucky enough to be heading to Gold Rush as well, stop in and say 'hey'.  We'll be in the area they call the Pines, hope we'll have shade in our part!  Well, I'd rather have sun than rain.  Omg, that's some crazy memories, stomping around in the pouring rain.  Good times!

Now that my little girl has done graduated university, she's decided to stay in Minneapolis.  All the more reason to visit the mid-west.  Insert happy dance here.

So proud of our little girl!

Wish us luck and happy hunting!