Monday, October 25, 2010

Display Pieces

 I really get into display pieces.  I just did a show last week and it was the same a always.  When I look around at the other vendors, I'm distracted by what they are using for display.  One gal there was so very clever, I wish I'd taken pictures.  But I plan on heading to her shop, in a town not so far away, next week so maybe I'll take some pictures then and share them with you.

Anyway, here are a couple pieces I've made recently.  The first is a set of shutters.  I've had shutters before for my earrings but I've recently changed my earring cards so these shutters have tiny nails in them to hold the cards instead of my slipping the cards between the slats.  Also, I'm doing 2 shows in one weekend soon so I'll need 2 displays plus don't you just love the pretty blue of these shutters?

The next piece is for my plain chain key necklaces.  I wanted something I could just stack a bunch of necklaces on top each other, to take up less space.


I got all the pieces for this at Gold Rush in Ononoco Minnesota this past August.  The pillar had a dark stained finish and it's base needed to be cut off.  I used the cut off scrap to trim out the bottom.  Then painted it white.  The turquoise colored trim pieces are corner protectors for walls.  They came in this fantastic color so I just had to clean them up and cut them to size and attach them.  I got the hooks from the same guy I got the pillar from.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Red Jewelry

This quick post is to join Chania, who hosts a photo challenge each week, this week it's RED
Go check out all the color at her Razmataz blog.

Here are a few pieces of RED jewelry that I've made recently.  I like to use vintage jewelry pieces to give my designs a one of a kind vintage feel.

These earrings were made using vintage gold tone rhinestone rondels.

 I've recently changed my earring cards to accomidate different price tags.

These earrings have vintage bead caps.  The red is very deep, more like the picture below.

The ring above is made with the flower from a vintage clip on earring.

The ring below doesn't have any vintage elements, it's just fun to make and I use up some of those odd leftover beads.

All available in my ETSY shop.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Vanity's Sake

I am attracted to vintage vanity pieces.  The little gold plated filigree jewelry or trinket boxes, old vanity hand mirrors, hair spray can covers, lip stick stands, and tissue boxes.  Well, I use hankies instead of Kleenex and my Mr. Wonderful uses, (does anyone else have a husband like this?) he uses paper towel.  When my kids get colds I buy a box of lotion tissues or the new anti germ something or other.

What I meant to say is, I don't have a huge use for tissue boxes.  So why do I keep buying them?  So I can turn them into boxes.  I know, how clever, how radicalWhatever!  Here they are.  I just love them, course, I loved them before too, so I might be a little partial.  Hopefully someone out there will love them too.

I also have a thing for crushed velvet.  If lovin' it is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Warm Fuzzies - Vintage Inspiration Friday

I changed up the living room mantel the other day.  I took down my window with bird prints that I had up for the summer and put up this vintage mirror that's been gathering dust behind the door in my over crowded, dumping zone of an all purpose laundry room.  I haven't had a mirror above this mantel before. 

Then I leaned a fall color painting in front.  Oh, how I miss the fall colors of the mid west, I'm such a cry baby.  There's also a still life exactly like a picture my Mom had when we were growing up, only smaller.  Nothing special, I just remember staring at the picture so often when I was a kid.  There is a little duck figure under the arrangement but it also looks like a woman kneeling with her back to the viewer.  Like one of those optical illusion pictures, it still does it to me.  Just a funny little memory that gives me warm fuzzy.

I don't know what kind of bird this is but it fits in well with the Halloween stuff, picked it up a few weeks ago at my favorite junk shop.  My little baby boy got me this tree for my birthday a few years ago.

Here's the other side, I showed these candle sticks with the skeleton key bobesches the other day and got a few comments.  I fess up, I didn't come up with this idea all by my lonesome.  Sorry, I can't remember where I first saw it.

Otay, this crusty old cigar box is one of my most loved possessions.  Now before you think I'm more than a little odd let me show you why.

 Because, when I found the box in my Dad's shed this little piece of paper with the word BOO, written by my Dad, was inside.  Oh, my Dad thought he was quite the card and to me he was, I loved all his corny jokes.  I just like to peek inside the box whenever I walk by.  What can I say, it gives me a little giggle every time.  There are those warm fuzzies again.  I'm such a sap, can't help myself!

I added one of my Dad's old pipes and this skeleton hand.  I don't know about the hand, it's just a little too creepy to me, my Dad being dead and all.  I think it's coming out before I go to bed tonight.

Does anyone else ever go a little too far and have to back up the creep factor?  Tell me it isn't just me.....

I'm linking up with Debra over at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.  Click on over there, you know there's going to be some things you're going to find, you know it.....inspirational!

And since you're there anyway, check out her etsy shop, debrasvintage design, fun, fun, fun!

Oh, man, my eye's are starting to go cross eyed, so tired.  That's my excuse if somethings off in this post.
Goodnight, Susanne.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Learned Something New

I'm so excited! 

I just learned how to fix my little music boxes!  The internet is so amazing, I take back all those nasty things I said.  I just googled 
"how to repair music boxes"
and found this Alscher site.  So simple, the gears are most likely gunked up because they've been sitting around un-listened to.  (ooo, spell checks having a field day with my words today!)  Basically all they needed was a little WD-40.  Which will now hold a special place in my cupboard, if not my heart, with my other must haves..... 
Goo Gone and Mr. Clean sponges!  

 Otay, so I gave them alot of WD-40.  I didn't have that little straw thing on my can of WD-40 and I didn't have a tiny oil can, but you might have one with your sewing machine.  

I bought this one for the color, 
not a jewelry box, it's meant for powder but it has a music box and ya, I fixed it!

Now I'm just talking about what the site calls "toy" music boxes.  The ones found in cheap little girl jewelry boxes, the ones I seem to have a fascination with .  So funny, they state several times in the couple pages I read "Do not do anything else unless you know what you are doing."  "Don't touch the comb or the endless spring or the gear train."  


Not really sure what I find so fascinating about these cheap little treasures.  I'm sure obsession is not the right word.  I just think the little pulls are cute and there's that blue color I like inside this one.  

So if it's an heirloom or not the trip wire touching the air brake or the need for WD-40........DON'T TRY TO FIX IT!  HA!
Ya, those little music boxes have air brakes, who knew?!  The site also told me how to get at the music box which was nice since I thought one was all glued up tight, but it really wasn't.  

Does anyone else out there live by the rule, 
"If all else fails, read the instructions."?

Now all I need is a winning contestant from "Name That Tune" and I'll be all set.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Silver Sunday - October

Silver things around the house

On the mantel set for Halloween 

 I've since gotten some black candles for these

A little scary stuff.

I got this at a thrift store.  I gotta tell you, I'd be afraid to get rid a Holy water bottle.  I mean can you say lightening strike?!

My collection of salt shaker tops. What can I say, I just like them.

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