Monday, October 25, 2010

Display Pieces

 I really get into display pieces.  I just did a show last week and it was the same a always.  When I look around at the other vendors, I'm distracted by what they are using for display.  One gal there was so very clever, I wish I'd taken pictures.  But I plan on heading to her shop, in a town not so far away, next week so maybe I'll take some pictures then and share them with you.

Anyway, here are a couple pieces I've made recently.  The first is a set of shutters.  I've had shutters before for my earrings but I've recently changed my earring cards so these shutters have tiny nails in them to hold the cards instead of my slipping the cards between the slats.  Also, I'm doing 2 shows in one weekend soon so I'll need 2 displays plus don't you just love the pretty blue of these shutters?

The next piece is for my plain chain key necklaces.  I wanted something I could just stack a bunch of necklaces on top each other, to take up less space.


I got all the pieces for this at Gold Rush in Ononoco Minnesota this past August.  The pillar had a dark stained finish and it's base needed to be cut off.  I used the cut off scrap to trim out the bottom.  Then painted it white.  The turquoise colored trim pieces are corner protectors for walls.  They came in this fantastic color so I just had to clean them up and cut them to size and attach them.  I got the hooks from the same guy I got the pillar from.

I'm linking up with PammyJ at Up in the Attic for her Project Monday Party.  It's a pretty new party but I promise you'll have fun if you come.


  1. Thanks for sharing this FABULOUS project! I am always on the lookout for new, cool ways to display my jewelry, so I may have to steal this one! Thanks for linking up with me!

  2. I second that comment, (except I won't steal the idea). This necklace display is terrific.


  3. Love, love, love your jewelry displays. The necklace display is very creative and really does a great job of showing off your jewelry.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just posted about how I used the printer's drawer as a tray for a dining room vignette. See what you think.

  4. Great ideas on how to display your jewelry. Love the shutters.

  5. I always look at displays pieces that others are using too at the shows. Thanks for your prayers and hope you've had a great Sunday.

  6. I'm always looking at displays at sales, too! You did a wonderful job on these~ they look great!

  7. Oh my goodness Susanne, you have me drooling here. The necklace display is fabulous...I might have to borrow that idea, but I'd never find those wonderful pieces. I'm ALWAYS looking for new ways to display. I've been using the same 3 piece shutter for several years and recently repainted it and it looks so much better. I put those plastic sticky tabs on the back on they fit just right over the shutters. Also love those earring cards. Your work is wonderful. I'm just really glad that you won't be selling in the space next to me...I'd be in big trouble.

  8. WOW I LOVEEEEEE your necklace holder. I think you are on to something here girl! Unique and oh so wonderful!! Now I need to look for a pedestal...what a vicious cycle. Read a blog...go on the hunt...read another blog and hunt again! LOL