Monday, October 11, 2010

Learned Something New

I'm so excited! 

I just learned how to fix my little music boxes!  The internet is so amazing, I take back all those nasty things I said.  I just googled 
"how to repair music boxes"
and found this Alscher site.  So simple, the gears are most likely gunked up because they've been sitting around un-listened to.  (ooo, spell checks having a field day with my words today!)  Basically all they needed was a little WD-40.  Which will now hold a special place in my cupboard, if not my heart, with my other must haves..... 
Goo Gone and Mr. Clean sponges!  

 Otay, so I gave them alot of WD-40.  I didn't have that little straw thing on my can of WD-40 and I didn't have a tiny oil can, but you might have one with your sewing machine.  

I bought this one for the color, 
not a jewelry box, it's meant for powder but it has a music box and ya, I fixed it!

Now I'm just talking about what the site calls "toy" music boxes.  The ones found in cheap little girl jewelry boxes, the ones I seem to have a fascination with .  So funny, they state several times in the couple pages I read "Do not do anything else unless you know what you are doing."  "Don't touch the comb or the endless spring or the gear train."  


Not really sure what I find so fascinating about these cheap little treasures.  I'm sure obsession is not the right word.  I just think the little pulls are cute and there's that blue color I like inside this one.  

So if it's an heirloom or not the trip wire touching the air brake or the need for WD-40........DON'T TRY TO FIX IT!  HA!
Ya, those little music boxes have air brakes, who knew?!  The site also told me how to get at the music box which was nice since I thought one was all glued up tight, but it really wasn't.  

Does anyone else out there live by the rule, 
"If all else fails, read the instructions."?

Now all I need is a winning contestant from "Name That Tune" and I'll be all set.

I'm linking up to a new party too!  Not just new to me, a brand spankin' new party idea of  Pammy's over at Up In The Attic.  It's  project MONDAY!


  1. thanks for playing with me today!!!! you are so clever! I learned something new today too...!

  2. Great hints, Susanne... who knew? Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments!

  3. Very cute music boxes. It is amazing the information we can get from the internet. Goo Gone is one of my must haves too!