Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bachman Holiday Idea House

This past fall, I drooled over posts of the Bachman's Idea House and most recently from Tamarah at Shabby Vintage Junk.  See her pictures from the house last September here.   So when I knew we would be in Minneapolis to pick up my little girl from school to go to Granma's house for Thanksgiving, you could bet The Bachman's Holiday Idea House, was on my list!  Although you may think I took enough pictures that there's nothing more to see, oh, there is, give yourself the treat.  But hurry they are only open til Dec. 11th!  This is less than half the pictures I took.  Thank you to my sister in law, Linda, for putting up with me saying a million times, "Ooo, look at this!"

Linda on the front lawn.

 On the ceiling of the front porch, can you believe it?!

A tobogganer table, doesn't everyone have one of these?

A ski coat rack, I told Linda she needs one of these.

Tea strainers, of course.

I LOVE plaid wool blankets.  I'm sure no one else living in Texas has as many as me.

And we haven't even gotten into the house yet!

I am so cracking by books when I get home!

 I love birch, too.  One of the many things I miss about not living in the country in Minnesota.

 Just a little more birch!

This is what they did with some of those clock faces, so clever.

Something to do with those fireplace tool racks unused by us gas fire place owners.

These would be soooo cute at our Thanksgiving or Christmas party table settings.

I want to make my own version of this drawer shelf.

Even the back door exit is cute!  Oh, why did I sell my sled when I left MN, 10 years ago?

 Advent calendar, love it!

 This is the only way I'm going to use cookie cutters.

Salt shaker vases.

 Alot of people thought these were spring form pans but they are silver casserole holders, with mirrors, soooo pretty.

These pictures are from my favorite room, the craft room.

I have some old rag balls I haven't had out in ages, I am so going to do this!

Ok, we've see these stars before, but they're still cute.

Yup, these were right up my alley, one of these is coming home with me, couldn't resist the pom pom fringe!

Pattern piece curtain valance, amazing, who comes up with this stuff ?

These were so cool, I had to show the backs too.


Ya, this is how much I like having my picture taken, it's a wonder I didn't get my brochure in front of the camera lens.

For those of you who may not recognize these, they are snow shovels.

 Very pretty black and white bathroom.

Artist's bedroom.


 Sports bedroom, some fun storage ideas here.

 Wait, wait, just a few more pictures, before we make room for those people waiting to come in from the porch.



I want a sun room!!!

Most pictures I ever took, I think.  Thanks for indulging me, Linda!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vintage Christmas Trees

I recently got these trees from a friend of a friend, you know how that works.  I'd actually been to one of her sales before and bought a pair of lamps and some other bits, but I didn't realize it was her until I got to her place and realized I'd been there before.  So, I looked through her garage, shed, and storage room in the house.  But these are by far the most exciting treasures I came home with.

The traditional Christmas colored one was a little worse for wear with some of the backing material torn and faded.  So I didn't feel to bad taking it apart to use for parts.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture here.

What I was most thankful for was that these were created before the days of hot glue guns.  Whoever put this together poked the pin and earring backs into the foam base with extra support coming from straight pins or bobby pins.  And almost all the pieces were in tact.  In fact most looked unused, no missing rhinestones or wear or tarnish on the base metal. 

This is a pile of pins with some sequins that look like they might be the same as those found on Enid Collins bags.  (see my post about Enid Collings purses here)

Here's the tree carcass, what's left after I took what I wanted.  The background is a yucky green plastic material.  That's gold lame fabric, green velvet ribbon patches, and sequin trim.  All this is held on with those 1/2 inch short straight pins.

In total there are 18 pairs of earrings and 16 broaches, plus some necklace pieces.  Alot to play with.

The other tree has a pink velvet fabric base and clear rhinestone bits.  There are a couple bear spots around the bottom that I have since filled in with a few clear pieces from the other tree.

I bought these trees intending to take them both apart and use the parts.  But the pink one is growing on me and for now, it's in my little girl's room.  Little?  Well, she's almost 20.  Our first Christmas decoration for the season.  We'll see what her reaction is when she comes home in a month for Christmas break.  Ha!