Friday, November 5, 2010

Odds and Ends - Vintage Inspiration

Here is just some odds and ends pictures I've saved of things that inspire me.  Linking to Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

Teresa at Garden Vintage Antiques had this as her header picture once.  She always has great pictures on her blog and she changes her header often.  I wish I could find some more watch fob chains, I've only found a few.

This picture is the set of 'It's Complicated'.  I love the furniture arrangement and my living room needs help.  I need some new furniture, just not sure what to pick.  BTW this movie is hilarious, if you haven't seen it yet, do.

This is a bracelet Betsy of My Salvaged Treasures made.  I've been wanting to make some jewelry with sewing notions, beyond buttons, like thimbles or bobbins, but this is way cool!

I've seen alot of coin purse necklaces I like and would love to make one for myself.  I did finally find a coin purse I like so I just need to get around to it.  Thank you, Teresa from Garden Vintage Antiques, for helping me identify where this necklace came from, see it at this post at Chippy's.

These pictures are from an internet search of Boleyn sisters.  I was looking for another necklace I thought was from this movie but I can't find the right one.  I do however have some initials that might work in a necklace like this.  That getting around to it thing again.


  1. Hello, thanks for posting pics of the header one. Also, the coin purse either belongs to Laurie at Chippy's or Shelley at Sweet Peas. I did a post on this where I said I was copying them. Have a great "vintage" Friday, T

  2. hey - congratulations(!!!) on your win over here: http://upintheatticwithpammyj.blogspot.com/2010/11/we-have-winner.html
    love that header over at Vintage Antqs Vintage too....

  3. All great ideas you posted. I think the sewing notions bracelet is very cool and unique.

  4. Lots of pretty inspiration~ I especially love the coin purse!

  5. I love those little coin purse necklaces too. I've been wanting to try making one. Also, the way those old books are hung on the wall in just fabulous. I remember that header.

  6. Great post, Theresa always has the best photos of the shows and so many wonderful inspirational ideas. Love that coin purse necklace!! And I DID love that movie, just hilarious! Thanks for linking up with VIF.

  7. Love these pictures and I'm so happy to hear you like my sewing notions bracelet and earrings; so much fun to make.
    I love that header with all the unusual display ideas!!