Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Tree Tutorial - Wool and Paper

 I'm flattered that a couple people asked for a tutorial so here we go.
This is for both the wool and paper trees, same thing only different.
For the wool trees (wts), I just used the woven wool or blends that I had, some felted, some not.  This would work for felted knits as well.  In fact I think that was what the ornament I saw, that gave me the idea to adapt into this idea, was made from.

Besides the tree 'branches' you will need:
bamboo cooking skewer
wine bottle cork, synthetic works best
cardboard or foam core
hot glue
tacky glue
white glue or modge podge
tree top embellishments

 For either tree take a skewer and stick it into a wine cork, cut in half.  Glue to secure. 

 Put the cork into a candle stick.  Some may have to be sliced thinner to fit tighter candle sticks.  You decide if you want to permanently glue the cork to the candlestick or use candle stickem' if the cork doesn't stay in by itself.  Thinking about storing the tree may help you decide, ha!

 For paper trees (pts) cut both sheet music or book pages and use either brown paper or brown coffee filters.  But I like the idea of recycling old grocery bags.  Then wrinkle them up into balls and then flatten them out, this gives them some body so you don't just have a stack of paper on a stick.

For pts I cut circles from 1 to 8 inches, in 1/2 inch increments.
For wts I cut from 1 1/4 to 4 inches, in 1/4 inch increments. 
I cut patterns from cardboard.  Stack up your wool or paper and cut as many layers as you can at once.  The circles don't have to be perfect.  The number of circles vary with the size of the tree.  I suggest starting out with 5 circles in each size and add or subtract to get the size and fullness you like.

So you cut your circles and you cut some more circles and then a few more.

 To start the trees put the largest piece of wool or paper down then a support disk, made from cardboard of foam core, an inch or two smaller than the circle.

  Then the second circle.  Glue the first 2 circles together around the edge, sandwiching in the support piece so you don't see it.

Also to help give your layers some separation you need some filler between the circles.  

For wts I used a small scrap of thick wool.

When I made the pts a year ago, I put white glue on the skewer between the circles to stop the paper layers from settling to the bottom.  But I think I have an idea that will work better so I'm going to suggest putting an 1/8 inch piece of straw between each circle.  If any one does this, let me know how it turned out.  I used red in the picture so you could see it, I don't think it will show but you might want to use something that will blend in.

Now just go to town layering.  Spacer, circle, spacer, circle, spacer, circle.....

Fluff the layers if they need it and cut any extra skewer off, glue on your tree top embellishments.  I used a vintage glass tree ornament, tied with a piece of lace and seam binding tape.

To glitter or not to glitter?  This is how I glittered, someone might have a less messy way but really, it's glitter, it should have messy on the label.

White glue or modge podge brushed on the circle edges.  Over a news paper, tilt the tree as you pour glitter over the entire tree.  Give the tree a few taps to shed the excess and put it aside to dry. 


  1. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I love the paper ones and this is going on my list of projects!
    Happy Sunday.

  2. How cool is this???!!! Thank you for taking the time to tech us - good job! I am totally going to do this.
    Blessings to you,

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial, just the cork and skewer idea can get us started on a bunch of cool projects.

  4. Thank you so much, I just love them!!

  5. Thank you so much for sending the tutorial. These are going to be on my "to do" list. If I can't get to them this season, they will be first in line next year.

  6. I just love those paper trees~ so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Just found these trees of yours that I'm going to attempt! I'm also following you now. Stop over for a visit!

  8. I just found your blog and love the trees! you have fun ideas so I am going to follow along.

  9. Love love love them!!! Way cool :) I may try my hand at a few of these ~ such a cool way to use one of my favorite supplies...vintage paper :)


  10. thank you for your visit and comment and if all that is holding you back from rug hooking is a hook you can use a crochet hook or you can actually buy a hook for 5.00. Jump in the wool is fine!
    PS I have never heard of a singer wool cutter. but good find.

  11. those are so cool....wish I had the time to make one, but I know I can't right now. I love them, though!
    thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday!

  12. I'm over from Wayside Treasures because I love the trees Sandi made using your tutorial. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea, Susanne! I'll definitely make some of those pretty trees.

  13. Love it...going on my list of to-do's for the season!

    Best wishes and many thanks,

  14. Fabulous tutorial. Love how you made the trees with two different mediums. As soon as I have a few hours to spare, I'm definitely going to attempt this. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  15. Love this idea. I came over from Sandy's site. This will be added to my evergrowing list of things to make NOW.

  16. I can just picture bloggers all over the world making these trees and each one of them will post pictures. You will be famous! I'm lovin 'em! And yes, I'll post a pic when I have a forest of them finished!

  17. I am dropping in and becoming a follower via Sandy at Quill Cottage. What a great idea and the trees are so pretty. Thank-you for the tutorial!

  18. This is a great idea! These trees are on my to do list. I love the paper ones. Thank you for sharing.


  19. These are gorgeous! Love them. Just got a huge stack of vintage music sheets yesterday and now I know what to do with them. Thanks for a great idea and for the wonderful tutorial! Happy Holidays!

  20. susanne,
    thanks so much for this tutorial!! it's been added to my list of things to do for christmas-so fun. i found you from sandy babb's blog and i'm sure glad i did!!

  21. Oh my goooooodness! These are SO adorable! I LOVE wool and love projects that include it. I have an enormous stash so I can get going right away. Thanks so much for the tutorial. It was fabulous! Can't wait to start.

    Warm blessings,


  22. I found you through `Garden Vintage Antiques`, who I found through `Fiona and Twig`s` Blog. I`m so glad I have because I LOVE your pretty little Christmas Trees. I have a huge stash of tartan (plaid) fabric which is ideal for the purpose. Thank you so much for sharing. The stars certainly do shine bright in Texas!x

  23. This is so cute....! I came over from Quill Cottage...she knows where the best ideas are! Thanks!

  24. hi susanne~these are so cute. i love them! i would love to make some of these for xmas gifts and hostess gifts. maybe even influence my girls to give it a try. next flea market i will look for some candlesticks:)
    sorry you missed the giveaway, i will do more! thanks for stopping by~xo

  25. These are just wonderful!! You did a great job and I love your creativity. Thanks so much for sharing how you did these!

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