Sunday, February 19, 2012

Putting a Few Things Together

I'd like to share some pictures of a few things I've put together lately.
First up is this tiered caddy, my take on the caddies I've seen on etsy, Pinterest, and Pottery Barn.
I have collected a bunch of these vintage loaf pans for a project I ended up not liking, so I used them here. 

 Some more rings made from vintage earrings.

Wine bags from vintage fabrics.

Had some old and not so old glass paper weights.  
Put some vintage bits and pieces under glass. 

Some more sun catchers.

Made some cupcake stands and some flower cupcakes.  
Inspiration from Pinterest.

I tried my hand at some faux mercury glass candle holders.

A couple necklaces.  This perfume bottle got a rhinestone earring bling.

I added a cameo to the front of this locket picture album necklace.

Now I need to list some things in my etsy shop.  A little embarrassing having the shelves empty after I gushed last fall about how easy they have made the listing process.  My bad.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. wow you had creative mojo for sure!
    love the rings

  2. So many pretty things! Opening an Esty shop is on my "list"...sadly it keeps getting pushed to the end. Someday :)

  3. HEAVENS Susanne....You've been one busy junker....!!!

    Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E your loaf pan stand....Have you drilled holes in each or simply used adhesive....? I'd like to give that one a go for sure....!!!!!

    Your embellished jewellery pieces are GORGEOUS & you've inspired me to get back into my own 'stash' & get creative.....!!!!!

    Indeed....I'm enjoying being able to take advantage of the technology of the day which enables me to be 'plugged in' at a moments notice & keep up with all my CLEVER Friends....!!!!

    Have a WONDERFUL week....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  4. Well haven't you just been a busy bee..I feel like I am in slow motion next to you :D

  5. How clever you are in creating such lovely pieces. This is my first time to visit your blog and look forward to many more views! smiles

  6. Oh my goodness! I'm drooling over all these beauties. The mercury glass candle holder is awesome. I have this on my long list of things to do...thanks for the inspiration. As always, your jewelry creations are gorgeous.

  7. Happy to find your Blog today.
    I'm into vintage goods these days, so I love all your choices!

  8. love everything you did! you are an inspiration!

  9. this falls into the category of "isn't it a small world". We lived in Rochester for over 30 years! Didn't go often to Gold Rush because we weren't in the business at that time. Will you set upa booth, or shop till you drop only? smiles

  10. You have been in a very creative mood, Susanne! Lots of fun projects- love the loaf pan storage idea, especially! Thank you for your sweet comment about my spring hutch!

  11. I just came across your blog, and love your creativity. The projects using vintage earrings, old jewelry caught my eye. I inherited quite a few from grandmother and mother-in-law, and have bought some pairs of earrings, so love to see how you have used yours. Can't wait to look further at your blog. Thanks.