Monday, February 4, 2013

How Long Was I Sleeping?

Sorry, that was from a joke last night.  But I do feel like I've been sleeping on the job here.  Not going to count the months it's been since I last posted.  
And etsy, ya, that's looking like a permanent vacation.

How about a New Years resolutions, ha, February already, let's just say I'm a late bloomer.  I really do enjoy my time here in blogland and etsy so I'd love to get myself back into it all.  

I haven't just been sitting here sleeping, I've been up and at 'em, out and about, here and there, 
just look.....

Made some jewelry for one of my niece's wedding party.

 All 8 of us brothers and sisters were at the wedding, but this is just us girls.
 Ah, ya, the wedding was in Wisconsin, had to tour a brewery, duh.

One of my sweet nephews posing in front of the tree I helped my little sister put up.

Of course I spent as much time with the little girl as possible since the only time she was home was while I was still gone.  
Hum, how did that happen?

 Made some hanging things for her and her roommates stuff.

 And for the jewelry as well.

Auction treasures?

 But I did dodge a different bullet while up north, moving my son into a new apartment.  Ya, not a fan of that kinda schlepping.

Hosted a going away party for some friends, boo hoo.

Kinda went overboard making cuffs.

And some of these.

 And a few of these.

 Cause you know I do these in the fall.

 Another niece had these 2 handsome gentlemen.

And visited more nephews.

The defunct antique booth, piled to the ceiling, where to put all that good junk now?


Then there was Christmas, birthdays, a cold, New Years, and the super bowl!

Really.....ain't nobody got time for that!


  1. You have been gone for awhile. I love those cuff bracelets. I bought some belts at the thrift that I was going to repurpose into bracelets and now I see yours - love em! That rack is fabulous too! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Hope you have a great week.


  2. Good to see you back. It sure looks like you've been keeping yourself busy with so many family functions. Love all your new jewelry creations, those cuffs are so creative. Keep up the good work, the fall shows will be here before you know it.

  3. Sounds like you been living lots of life, Susanne...and being creative, too!

  4. Hi, Susanne! So nice to see you back on the scene, though you have obviously been quite busy behind the scenes as well! The new babies are adorable and I love your jewels - espeically those cuffs! I'm going to try making some cuffs myself soon; I've never worked in leather before, so it will be a learning process. Keep up the great work and thanks for stopping by. :) Robyn / The French Circus