Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Thinking Than Doing Going On

In my quest to stay focused and get things done I've been thinking about upholstering a couple stools and an ottoman.  I'm a sucker for stools and benches, they over run the house! 
My Mr. Wonderful loves them too.....not! 
But back to me!

They're stacked in the living room next to a sideboard.
They're stacked next to an armoire.

They are in front of or under chairs.

I have one here because I first had it as a side table by a chair but when I got a little french provincial nightstand to replace it, I just put it here and it's just stayed.  I put my purse on it so it doesn't go on the kitchen counter.  That would be my effort to avoid more germs, ha!

And when I went around to take these pictures I came across these as well.

This is actually a tool box, upside down.

Sorry, please do not adjust you screen, fuzzy picture.

This one I was going to revamp but it got a little worse before it got better so.....  

 These are the ones I'm thinking about upholstering now, plus an ottoman with the cutest feet, but that's in my storage unit. 

 Then it dawns on me.....
I don't have a stapler!  

I've had 2 of these.....

Sears Craftsman, but I've broken them both.  I liked how they worked, forward action and all, but the casing is plastic and that's what broke.  Sears doesn't have the lifetime warranty on their tools like they used to, hence the second one.  It did have some jamming and miss firing, but are there any staplers out there that don't?? 

After a quick search on line I might get one of these.....

Also a Sears Craftsman but this is the 'heavy duty' model.  Not that I consider what I'm planning or what I've done in the past to be 'heavy duty', but maybe Sears does.  It looks about the same as the other but with a metal casing.  Plus, bonus.....I recently found a Sears gift card I'd forgotten about!

Problem is, there are mixed reviews so I'm looking for more, possibly mixed, reviews.  Let me know if you have had any experience with this stapler or if you'd recommend another.  I'd appreciate it.  

I'd love to run out and buy an air compressor and a truck load of tools to go with, but alas, I'm not independently wealthy, nor do I think I'd use them enough to warrant their purchase.

Hope to have something to show you soon!


  1. Who wouldn't love stools? I really like your fuzzy botanical print too!

  2. You really do have a lot of stools stacked up around your house. Fun projects. Can't help you with the stapler.

  3. I love little stools too and have a few scattered around the house but nowhere near what you have! You've done a great job displaying them.

  4. You are so funny! But of course your stool collection is amazing. I think you should look into a grand tool collection to help you with your stool adjustment and remodeling.You could share it with Mr. Wonderful to justify the expense and maybe he can build you another room to display your stool collection. :)

    Really, you have some real treasures there , if the collection gets too overwhelming you can send a few my way.

  5. You can never have too many, never! Love your collection with all the great colors and sizes.