Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New to me Purses - White Wednesday

Hope you're not saying "again with the purses!"

Sorry, they are white and I have pictures.  2 excellent reasons to make a post and to join in Kathleen's White Wednesday Party over at Faded Charm.

Here they are, making themselves at home.

Jewel Bokay

La Paloma, I happened to be wearing turquoise the day I got these so I changed purses in the car, couldn't wait!

Got them both together at my favorite junk store, the store if I told you where it was my junkin' buddy would  kill me.  Then she'd probably have to kill you too.  So I'm keeping it to myself for your own good.

So here are all my Enid Collins bags.  I didn't know I would love them until I saw my first one.

They're just so darn fun!


This is my first baby, another Jewel Bokay.  She's coming out with me today.

This is my second one called Paisley, she's been here before.

Here's how you recognize these as Enid Collins bags.  
They have names on the side as part of the design.

The Collins of Texas logo on the inside pocket.

Copyright Collins of Texas.

Purse Love!

Here's something I'm working on and hopefully I'll have it completed  for next weeks White Wednesday.  But for now go enjoy the beautiful white everyone has to share over at Faded Charm.


  1. WOW they are FABULOUS!! I would have changed purses in the car too! Theresa

  2. WOW - I absolute adore those purses! They are so pretty and fun. My heart would go pitter patter if I found those purses here.
    Saying 'hi' from White Wednesday.

  3. Those purses are gorgeous-you've got quite a collection started!

  4. I have a bag very similar to yours with flowers on it. And it is signed too on the outside of the bag. I love it. They are so fun!
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. They are new to me too so I'm glad you are showing them. They are beautiful!!

  6. uh oh....I simply cannot fall in love with anything new to collect..bu these would definitely be contenders.

    How special that you love these. It adds to your persona with such flair and whimsy. Yay you!



  7. Those are really pretty ones...such great colors!!

  8. Thanks for visiting! I have been told that the thumbscrew thingy is actually a nut cracker. go figure! Theresa xoxo

  9. Hi Susanne....!

    I'm LOVING your Enid bags....They are just GORGEOUS....hahahahaha....I didn't know I NEEDED any 'til I read your post.... :o) !!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  10. Gorgeous bags absolutely gorgeous.