Sunday, April 4, 2010

Round Top

One of my sestas usually comes down for Round Top but she wasn't able to get the vacation to come. So I crashed the party of some friends and went with them. They stayed over one night, which I have never done so it was nice to get to shop two days without the extra day of driving. If my sesta comes in October we'll have to check into finding someplace to stay as well.

Anyways, lots of fun was had by all! Although, I didn't find what I was looking for, something really long and cool, (and cheap) to hang above my 10' kitchen island and a pair of twin size headboards for my son's room. I did find a few treasures to take home. I took a few pictures to share.

The first pictures are possibly the two coolest pieces of furniture I saw. This one was massive, at least 8 feet wide, 7 feet tall, and 2+ feet deep. One side was a bench (where the mirror and pillows are) and the other was a storage cabinet. How cool would this be as a room divider in a large LR/DR area or a back door that enters directly into a family room. Mud room on one side and storage in the FR on the other. So so cool. This was at Leftovers. Check them out here .

This other piece, also at Leftovers, is the coolest banquet.  I don't know it was part of an old inglenook or what but feast your eyes on this.

Imagine this in a cozy corner of a romantic restaurant.....oh, I want to be there.  We grew up with a banquet in our kitchen, while it was no where near this opulent, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them.

Here's a fantastic composition to have hanging above and island but unfortunately I know my Mister Wonderful would never go for this.  

It was in the Big Red Barn and was the brain child of George Brownlee of Waco, who does antiques sales and staging.  That's player piano music rolls draped like big ol' ribbons on an old box spring!  
I wish I had that imagination!

Here's a picture of a grouping of mirrors, also from Leftovers.  Sorry,  I didn't take my camera out at a wider variety of places but we were there a while drinking wine and eating cheese, don't cha know!  

In my last house I had mirror groupings in the dining room and the guest bath.  I've been wanting to create one at this new house for a while.  I recently found a dresser for our master bedroom and that wall would be the perfect place.  Most of my mirrors are gold framed and my walls are chocolate brown so I'm deciding if I need to paint them or find more white ones.  Which sounds like more fun to you?!

My friends had to leave early the second day but since I drove separately, just in case I found that perfect long, cool, cheap thing for above my island and needed my big truck to bring it home, (I judge cars on towing capacity but that's another story) I left the pay per view places like Marberger and the Big Red Barn and spent the 2nd part of the day in and around Warrington.  This is my sesta's and my stomping ground, where while the offerings are not as spectacular, at least we find more that we can afford to buy.  Not as much fun thought stomping around by myself with no one to kibitz with. 

When I complained to my sister that I wasn't finding my way around Warrington very well she said she always relied on me to keep the direction, so apparently it takes the both of us together to navigate!  Somehow, I did manage to  find a couple treasures, also saw some ladies dressed for the Prom later that night, and a toothless guy selling beer and giving away free kisses, I bought the beer, left the kiss!  

I also came across some people who blog and have shops on etsy.  One booth I recognized from her blog, Willow Nest Farm, peruse at her blog with cool videos here.  And a pair of sisters I meet because I complimented them on their necklaces.  Check out Sue's blog, Vintage Rescue Squad here, I love that "vintage rescue"!  Her sister Michelle is due to list her jewelry in Sue's etsy shop soon.   Sue gave me one of her new mini Moo cards, I'd just gotten a trial batch from them myself.  Argh!  So bummed that I forgot to put some in my stream lined shopping purse!  Check out the fun Moo business cards here.

But, I only spent a third of what I thought I would so, before it disappears into lunches and gas money for the boy, I better go shopping!  On with the hunt.....

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  1. i went to Warrinton this year too, with 5 kids! we didn't last much after lunch.... but I did meet a man who is going to make me a kitchen island out of a bowling alley floor! so it was worth it. Love the photos you have here, nothing as wonderful as antiques displayed well. thanks for sharing