Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chippy White Wednesday

I was pokin' around on line and came across an idea to use something I already had.  Ya, go figure!  I may not be using the "good stuff" like Karla at Karla's Cottage suggests but.....well, actually, this is the junk, ha!

I bought a couple "boxes" of junk from a couple estate sales for the door knobs.  Apparently, no one else is making those picture holder door knobs around here cause mine were flyin' out the door last fall.  So, there were also these door face plates in the boxes.  

Enter Robo Margo 
 I don't remember exactly how I found her but after I got there I realized she had a mirror etching project in the latest Flea Market Style magazine.  Good thing too cause I was confused by the magazine directions.  If anyone else was, she has the instructions free for a while because of the published article.  All kinds of re-purposing ideas, right up my alley, check her out!

So short story long, this is what I made.

Margo calls them sun catchers but I think they'll be just as cute hung on a door knob or peg.

I didn't waver much from her design, maybe a little more use of the re-bar wire.  What's the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Linking up today with Kathleen at Faded Charm for her 90th White Wednesday, (WOW!) where you'll always find inspiration.



  1. I love them, and I wish I could find some decently priced...that means cheap!!

  2. I love what you did with the wires, great job. Thanks for the shout out.

    Margo aka Robolady


  3. Loving these beauties. I like the way you hung the crystals from the wire. I used to be able to find those doorknob plates all over and they were always so inexpensive. No more, they want half a fortune for them now. Great job!

  4. True you got a great deal. Things like that are really expensive now. Thanks for stopping by my shop and your kind comments on my blog. I will be looking around your blog. I always like to meet others who like the same things that I do.

  5. Cool project! Love the sparkly crystals with the rusty doorplates. Great job!

  6. These look great Susanne, especially hanging in the window! Thank you for your visit and your kind comment!
    Sending you warmest wishes from Germany

  7. Oh, junk sure does count! That is the GOOD junk! Very cool idea, too.

  8. Dag Nab It Sue!! Quit making so many cute things--I am already behind enough on my projects without being inspired even more. Sigh. Love the shabby chicness.... :)
    hugs! Kathy