Friday, May 20, 2011

Thrift Share and Vintage Inspiration

I was just thinkin', it's Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday over at Common Ground and I've got nothin'!

Oh, but I do!

I had taken pictures of my estate sale treasures from last weekend intending to get them in the Thrift Share Monday over at Apron Thrift Girl.  Ya, that didn't happen.  But wait!  Her party's still open so I'll link with her as well!

So, I do have something to share for today!

First off, this pair of vintage suitcases.

They match on the outside but the smaller one is kinda pinkish purple, love the double pockets on the top!

And the other is more gray.

I don't know, his and hers, or just a different dye lot for the fabric to fade differently?

The scuffs are cleaned up and they are displayed in my baby boys room for now.  Actually I should run around and take some pictures, the house is clean cause we're expecting company this afternoon.

I got a few odds and ends, here's a couple more interesting.  I think the holder thingy will come in handy if when I try soldering again.  And I love the color of this vintage travel journal.

This is the coolest thing I got.  I saw it in the sale listing but I wasn't able to go until half price Sunday.  Surprisingly it was still there, so I snapped it up first thing!

It's got a nice file size drawer and a little built in tray in the top drawer.

But the coolest feature is that the back is finished nicely so that you could face it into a room.

I tried and tried to work this into my living room when we got our new sofa and chairs delivered this week but I couldn't make it work.  It's alot bigger than it appears, 50" wide by 25" deep.

I thought about selling it on craigslist but I really do love it.  I'm just a sucker for french provincial!  It's in our bedroom for now.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You landed some great treasures!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I AODRE THOSE SUITCASES!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you lucky girl! THAT was a score! Enjoy!

  3. The clasps are for exactly that soldering, holding small pieces of jewelry and let me tell ya. EXPENSIVE! Great finds all around, love the suitcases. Why do we never get bored with them? Always so amazing to see one!

  4. What lovely suitcases- I am sucker for fantastic linings and I do love your pretty pink one for sure!! Darling!

  5. Wow...loving all your finds!
    That desk is amazing!

  6. Hi Susanne, I'm so glad you remembered VIF!! The suitcases are just amazing, love them!! And who could resist that wonderful desk. Hope it works to keep it, it's gorgeous!! xo Debra

  7. Love the vintage luggage! So nice to find them in such great condition! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love old suitcases! These are marvelous - that desk is fantastic! I'd try to find a place for it too!

  9. Love those suitcases. It's hard to find them with the inside in good condition...yours look real good. I don't see too many desks like that where the back looks as good as the front. I'd have a hard time parting with it. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  10. Wow what awesome finds! You have such a great blog and I am glad that I found it!!

  11. I am loving the suitcases, too- they have such great squared corners and the hardware is great, too! And French Provincial is always a great find! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Susanne!