Monday, December 16, 2013

The New Wine Out of Texas

Not what you think.  This is the whine my friends have been putting up with from me.

"I just want to wear a sweater!"

I've probably got more sweaters (and wool blankets, for that mater) than any sensible person living in Texas ought to have.  But I'm a sweater girl.  Always have been always will be.

So we've finally been having some cold weather, yeah!  People are saying, "Oh, the weather!" and I'm like, "I know!  Isn't it great!"  When the weather outside is frightful (sing it with me now) I just feel all cozy in a sweater.

Speaking of cold weather.....over Thanksgiving I was in the mid-west.  Was there for my little girl when she finally got her wisdom teeth out.  Also got to see a pretty good chunk of my family.  Did some black Friday shopping.  Where, bonus!  I've been vindicated!  My family has been giving me a hard time saying that I've been getting in a fight with the clerk at the Target food court for the past 2 years.  Well, I ran into another woman who apparently was having the same issue.  She was saying  to her family, "I come here once a year and that woman just hates me!"  We were both happy to know we were not alone, it's the clerk, so there!  Just had to get that out there, thanks for indulging me.

Anyway, back to my sweater dilemma.....
While in Minneapolis I went to Unique Thrift where they had rack upon rack upon rack of Christmas sweaters, but I refrained.  Meanwhile my sister in law is telling me about the swants her friend made.  The what?!  So when we get back to her place she shows me the swants they made on facebook.  Hilarious!  Still I don't think I need another sweater until I get home to Texas and realized our Keno party will have an ugly sweater contest.  Argh!  But I was determined to win the prize.  Just about mission impossible to find a good swants candidate here in Texas.

Here's me out trying to find one.....

Um, excuse me ma'am, would you mind if I buy the sweater off your back?!  You see, it would be oh so perfect for my swants project?!

In the end this is me on the right.....in case you couldn't tell.

And yes, I won the prize!  Thank you, thank you very much!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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