Thursday, March 11, 2010

Display Dreams, Dispair, and Done!

One of my favorite gift and antique stores was having a "garage sale".  
The shop set up a tent in the back alley and vendors brought in some odds and ends as well as some drastically marked down items from the regular shop.  People were making piles of the stuff they wanted to buy so they could keep their hands free to grab more good stuff.  
Crowded but lots of fun and a few treasures found.  

The most exciting thing I bought was an ironing board cupboard.  
I didn't think to take a picture of it and now it's hiding in my storage unit.  But you know what they look like, the ones that get built into the wall space between studs.  I've always thought they were nifty.  This one's not in too bad of shape, a little musty and dusty.  I threw most of the fabric from the board away but the bottom layer was a pretty floral that might be useable, it's in the wash now.  
Anyway, I'm thinking of using the cupboard for jewelry display at craft shows.  
I'll have to think on how that's actually going to work.

Since I was in the area I figured I better swing by my favorite junk store.  
(I'd tell you where it is but my best junking pal, Jan, doesn't like me to divulge that information.)  
I didn't get any fantastic treasures from there today but I wanted to share with you pictures of a couple display pieces they have that I covet.  Believe me I've asked and no, they won't sell them to me!  @#&*!

The first is a cute vintage metal stand in 50's green.  
You can see they are really picked over from their recent vintage sale.

The second is the sweetest little light green shelf with cut away sides.  
It makes me smile every time I see it.  
Then......see that mean little sign taped to the upper right hand corner?  
"For display only."  No fun!

My last display piece is something I've been thinking about for a while.  
How exactly do I make it, hmmm?   Then, duh!  I came across this hand thing that I'd bought from Marshall's months ago and used for ring display once but I didn't really like.  I was planning on painting it but put it aside when I got this other idea, to stuff a vintage glove.  I think a light bulb actually went on above my head!  I just put the glove on the hand!  (Almost had to break the hands thumb to get that sucker on, but I got it on!)  
I know, amazing how blind I was to the obvious solution!
The hand doesn't know what the glove is doing, or something like that.
  The base is a pretty heavy candle stick just glued to the bottom of the hand.

The glove is off white leather with pretty seed bead scrolls stitched on the back.  
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, excited even!

These are some button rings I made the other day.  

So one thing gets crossed off the list and another is added.....

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