Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where to begin?

So, I've been visiting all these inspiring blogs, seeing all the lovely things people have been creating for their homes or to sell, or just to inspire someone, like me for instance.  I want to join in on all this fun in blog land so here I am, ready or (most assuredly) not!  I will list some the most yummy places I've visited when I figure out how to do that.  Please forgive me for not being very tech savvy.  

Another reason I want to be part of blog land is because I think it might motivate me to get some of the things on my "to do" list done.  You know, to do something post worthy.  Yikes!

My husband (trying to think of something cute to refer to him as.....OM old man, BW bread winner, MW mr. wonderful, he'd like that one but let's not go crazy, I'll figure something out).  Anyway, he was out of town last week so I took that opportunity to make a mess at my house that I wouldn't have to clean up for a couple days.  Oh, and there were paint fumes too.  

This, I also thought, for my first post, would prove to the world that I do actually get some things scratched off that to do list!

This is in the jack and jill part of my son's bathroom.  Ok, the whole truth about this piece is that when I bought it, I read my notes wrong and it's actually 2" too wide for the space available.  There's a door (to the guest room) on the right that only opens 2/3 of the way.  It'll stay until I find something else to put in it's place.

This is a cute little shelf that's veneer kept coming off from the decorative cutouts.   So I glued what was saved and filled what was missing and am hoping the paint will keep it all where it should stay.  I plan to use this for when I do craft shows.  (I'll link to my etsy shop when I can figure that out too.  It's hell being computer illiterate!)  

This is one of the 2 mirrors that came with an old french provincial dresser I bought for our bedroom.  Love the dresser, the mirrors, not so much.  So this one's painted white and the other is black.  

This monster is in my sewing room.  I forgot I wanted to paint it last week, too.  Oops!  So here's where the accountability comes in to play.  Now that I know, that you know, that this thing is in my house and I'm supposed to have it painted.....that's supposed to motivate me.  

And so the saga continues.....


  1. Sue, Love your stuff and love it more when I can see it live. You are the creative girl in every woman. Thank you for letting her out to play so we can enjoy her beautiful works and all dream of creating, too! Put as much of your work as you can in your blog every time you make something new. We want to be inspired or we want to buy your inspirations because they are all so unique. Roxanne

  2. Even though I can't do any of the wonderful decorative things that you do, you have inspired me to clean out this big monster of a ranch house and rid myself of clutter and things that don't belong here; except for Big Daddy(Lee) of course. You are so talented and crafty and an all-around great gal. I love Roxanne too! Thanks for sharing and I think I have seen some of these items in the raw...or maybe I dreamed it. Keep posting, so I can continue donating things to the Assistance League of Georgetown, my favorite philanthropic organization.

  3. One more thing or two: You are also very organized and your house looks like something out of Southern Living, House Beautiful, or one of those other magazines. Keep blogging.

  4. I kinda like the sound of "Big Daddy", how about going with "Big Ronnie"? Not really. Love your stuff and you've gotten so much done. I too do better without Dan around. Hey, put a picture of your table on your blog too. That is a masterpiece. Blog on.

  5. Paint those lockers (A voice from the past for you --supporting accountability) :) xoxox your old pal...