Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rosettes to the Rescue

I'm kinda messy, I mean food traveling from the plate to my mouth has a high probability of landing on my shirt.  So it was no huge surprise when my favorite white T-shirt turned up dingy at the neckline.  It's a favorite because it fits so well, a nice wide neckline and didn't shrink up to reveal my belly after washing.  As soon as I realized it washed up so well, I went back to Eddie Bauer to get another but alas, they had no more, so sad.  
All the more reason to save this one, the plan..... 
rosettes to the rescue!

I found this technique for twisted fabric roses on the  
Wonder How To web site, link here.
The gal demoed how to twist the fabric and glue onto card-stock.  I just used the same twisting technique only stitching the twisted rows to each other from the back instead of gluing to a base.  
Pretty simple, I did these on a car trip, with the help of Dramamine.

I tried a variety of trims for fabric.  Some ribbon, lace fabric, ruffles. 

 The one I ended up liking the best was a wide embroidered ruffle that kind of had a dotted swiss base.  I cut this in half which made some embroidered and some dotted swiss. 

I think I'll make more of each to see if I like it better with all matching rosettes, instead of the mix.

This project is not quiet done but I wanted to post and link to the Rosette Party going on over at The French Cupboard this weekend.  Do yourself a favor and check out the lovelies, so many beautifully creative women out there!



  1. Good Morning Susanne....!

    What a CLEVER idea....!! It's so hard to find GOOD tees these days with the influx of foreign made 'stuff' so I undersatnd how keen you were to find a fix for your grubby collar....I must admit to being quite a slob so I tend to go for darker tees in black or blue....hahahahaha....I have three black tees that I bought at Esprit four years ago that I wear EVERY week to work under a jacket & they would have to be my FAVE tees EVER....NO fade, NO shrinkage....Just as good as the day I bought them & I must have worn each one at LEAST 250 times....!!

    Speaking of work....I must away....Take care & have a GRAET week....!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. ...adoring your rosettes on the tee! Every day elegance :)
    xo, Rosemary

  3. Oh Susanne my keyboard skills are ATROCIOUS...Either that or there's a little gremlin in the system switching my letters around....hahahahahaha :o) !!!

  4. These are cute! I've been making some and adorning books with them but just found this "party" so may be too late to join up. Your t is very nice.

  5. Wow---I missed this fabulous rosette party!!! I am loving this t-shirt---bought one kind of the same at Anthropologie!!!!!
    Happy day!