Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage Black Friday - Can't Believe This Is My First

This started out with just one shot, actually of something that was in my first White Wednesday post, and the vintage black things just popping out at me.

I'm linking up with French Cupboard's Vintage Black Friday.  So treat yourself to a look at all the other beautiful black posts you'll find over in the French Cupboard!

This precious to me little black and white photo of my Dad before he married my Mom, he's on the right, sits on this little jewelry box with some old black rosaries.  This was in the WW post because of all the white things on this table.

This too was part of a WW post but here I'm focusing on the rosary.

Then I looked up and saw this hanging above an old chippy ceiling tin piece.  I'll have to find an  
"old, dusty, chippy, rusty, piece of tin party" to post that on!

Then this little guy called to me over my shoulder, "hey, look at me!"

Then this guy growled at me from behind, "don't forget about me!"

Then I remember these guys I've been trying to find the perfect spot for.  I don't usually like things hung diagonal like this but now that I pushed them close together like this to fit better in the picture, I kinda like them like this.  Hum, that might help with finding a spot.

Then just as I sat down to load the pictures on the computer, I looked down into my purse, sitting here by my little nest, and saw my little junk keeper bag.  This isn't old enough to be vintage, but it wants to be.  
Ha!  Wanna be vintage!  Well, I gave myself a little chuckle.


  1. Great post, love the bears!
    You always have the most unique items to share
    in your posts

  2. I didn't have time to post this friday. Thanks for the Vintage Black Friday link. You can post your rusty, chippy thing at Metallic Friday, hosted by Life Can't Wait.

  3. Thanks for sharing on Vintage Black Friday. It is always fun how items just seem to go together. I loved the little bear, it brought back memories of camping. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your blog. Can I have a copy of Daddy's picture? When are you going to come to my house to make it look as nice as yours?