Friday, January 14, 2011

Cherubs, Crystals, and Bears...Oh My!

Just a few pictures of the rearranged living room.

Out with the Christmas, in with the crystals.

 Maybe an odd mix but it is what it is.

Those chunky not candle stick pieces are ashtrays.  Almost make me want to pick up the habit.

Have I mentioned this piece before?  My sister gave it to me a few years ago, love her, love it!

Pretty much the same things, just in different places.

 But I had the favorite chair that didn't have a spot so I dug this old chippy table out of storage to give it a place to go.  I haven't used this table since our last house

I love it's chippy color.  You should have seen the once over Mr. Wonderful gave this corner of the room when he got home.  Priceless.  The little girl was sure he wouldn't even notice.  But he didn't say a word.  We'll see, maybe it will grow on him.


We also celebrated my baby boys birthday last night since this would be the last night we'd all be together before he and the little girl go back to school.  His BD is next week.

With 'Sweetie'.  That's how he answered his phone one day when he thought it was her calling and not me!

These pictures remind me of that commercial with the family trying to take a family picture, with all the goofy grins, closed eyes, and cut off heads.
"To the cloud!"

This is as good as it got.

What are you doing?

 Little sister, big brother, so sweet and innocent! 

Digital cameras were such a great invention.

So now both my kids are in their 20's, does that make them vintage or me?   
Or am I antique or just old?

Hooking up with Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday, check them out!


  1. oh how cute..all of you! TFS!

  2. Great post and I love the mantle pieces! You can't be even vintage or that will just make me an antique!! Have a great weekend! Blessings Marilou

  3. Such fun pictures. Happy Birthday to your son. Got a good laugh about your hubby giving the once over to your room changes. Sounds exactly like something my husband would do!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. vintage is 25 years right? SO I am twice vintage +7 oh dear......


  5. The blue/green table is just wonderful! I'm so glad you found it to use again! Your kids are just darling, LOVE those family shots!!

  6. What wonderful family pictures...no, you aren't vintage or antique. I hate to think what that would make me, yikes! I love that painted desk and the chair looks perfect up next to it. You did a great job with the mantel and your fireplace is fabulous.

  7. well you can't be either because that would make me acient. wonderful pictures

  8. http://oldgreymareprimitives.blogspot.com/2011/01/catching-up.html

    Not a huge fan of awards but wanted to do this to let people know about you :D


  9. Family is the best! I love it when all of us are together.