Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Surprize Estate Sale

The Christmas crumbs are all put away, Mr. Wonderful went back to work, the kids were sleeping in, and I was all set to go to my favorite junk shop with my best junkin' pal Jan.  I was to meet her at her charity group's thrift store, then have lunch and off we'd go.  But her friends who joined us for lunch had a different idea, surprise, an estate sale in their neighborhood.  I'm cool with that, who isn't up for an estate sale?  
So off we went.....

The newish (10 yrs old?) neighborhood is one of those Sun City developments, where all residents must be 55 or older.  Walking in this house, you'd swear you were in the 1960's!  I'd never been in a new house that was so stuck in a time warp.
  Practically every stick of furniture was french provincial!  
 I'm not kidding 2 complete bedroom sets, kitchen set, dining room set and hutch, living room, even a sweet little vanity stool, all french provincial.  Which I love but this was to much, even for me.  Especially since I couldn't use any of it!  Nope, my storage unit is full, 
don't ask, don't tell. 

Now that's not to say I didn't find a box full to bring home with me.  Actually I'm lucky I limited myself to just a box!  There was so much that was so up my alley.  I may have to go back again to see what's left at half off.....

Enough yacking, here's what I scored.....

Believe it or not, this is one jewelry set, necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

Could you imagine wearing this?  Those earrings practically touch the necklace.

Otay, I've been know to make some pretty chunky necklaces, like this one.....

It's just crazy!  Crazy delicious!  I think I can take half the babbles away to create other pieces and still have a pretty chunky necklace.

 A couple more pairs of earrings, baby booty charms.

This tie pin, looks like one of those things (?) surveyor's use.

This funky little mirror I might be able to do something with.

More old sheet music.

Some of it's pretty old with interesting graphics.  I might try to resell some of this instead of cutting it up.  Some of them have alot of writing on them, even graffiti!

Like this guys goatee and hair do?  That Letha, what a cut up!

Too funny, this one has ukulele arrangements!  Seriously?!

Another pair of these, just because.

And this because.....

I already had this at home.

So I could make this.....or this.

I don't know, something doesn't look right.  The parts feel a little off, like something's missing or been added.  I'll figure it out plus I have spare lamp parts in my stash to try.

My definition of a surprise is 
Something you didn't know you wanted until you got it.

Linking with Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.


  1. good score. I would like the chunky bracelet

  2. Looks like it was a great sale! Love that necklace!

  3. Well, YEAH, you needed to go!!! Good job on the limitations, but even still, you got some amazing items. Estate sales make me sad in a way, but they are so fascinating!

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  5. Well I was going to give up estate sales this year and my close friends said you can't do it.

    after seeing and reading your estate sale finds I CAN"T DO IT

    Thanks for bringing me back

  6. Hi Susanne, I'd say you really scored! That necklace is really amazing, full of goodies. I think you made the good choice to hit the sale. Thanks for linking up to VIF!

  7. I am a little bit green with envy. You have scored some amazing finds!

    Happy hunting,

  8. Oh, my gosh,
    You got some wonderful things. I am going to be in Mesa awhile and I hope I can hit one of these incredible sales! My in-laws are thee and we visit them at least once a year down there and I have never ben to one.

    I love repurposing jewelry and you got the most wonderful supplies to take apart and put together.

    Have loads of fun!


  9. wow...that really is one chunky necklace and I just bet you could repurpose it into all kinds of cool jewelry. The shabby ladies would love all that French Provincial but I think it's best in moderation....don't you? My M-I-L had a white and gold set. Have a wonderful week

  10. Hello Susanne Lovey....!

    I hope you are well my Friend....I see you've had a SPECTACULAR start to the year....!!

    I LOVE your Treasures....I think we may have 'wrestled' if we'd been together....hahahahaha....

    Here's hoping 2011 is the most REMARKABLE year for you & your Family....I'm looking forward to sharing it with you....!

    Cheers for now from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  11. The chunky necklace is amazing! Great finds!