Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gold Rush, Here I Come!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Gold Rush!  

Right now, I'm in a hotel room in Rochester, MN waiting for my sister and her husband to arrive.  The little girl and I drove from central Texas to northern Iowa yesterday and the rest of the way today.  We ended up driving an hour or so further than usual yesterday because the hotels were all full.  There's been some nasty flooding in the area and alot of people have been displaced and are holding up in the local hotels.  Clean up crews, some from as far away as Texas, the hotel manager told us, are also staying in the hotels.

I've dropped the little girl off at school in Minneapolis earlier today.  After a stop in Clear Lake for a coffee and a look around a couple shops in the sweet little down town area.  She wanted us to pretend to be Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, but I couldn't supply my side of the rapid humorous banter, not knowing any interesting pop culture references.  

We lived in Minnesota for 11 years but have been in Texas the last 10.  We used to live a hop skip and a jump from Gold Rush - Oronoco.  Several of my brothers and sisters used to visit us for this weekend.  The guys would go golfing, the older cousins would watch the younger ones, and us girls would go antiquing.  Then we'd all meet up for dinner.  

The boy would just get worn out!  He'd get up early for golf, play in the sun all day, and stay up late with the cousins watching tv or playing video games.   Those were the days!

Gonna get me some of this.....

and some of this.....

My older sister has still been going every year, making me jealous.  Once and awhile, she'd call and ask if I wanted such and such.....ah? ya!  Our trips up north, scheduled around NASCAR in Chicago were always in July.  So I haven't been to Gold Rush in 10 long years, oh, how I've missed it.  How convenient for me that the little girl needs to be up at school the week after Gold Rush! 

My Mr. Wonderful wanted us to drive the smaller car instead of my Expedition, for better gas millage.  I'm sure the smaller hauling capacity of the Escape had nothing to do with it.  

Anyhow, I hope to find some treasures to share with you all.  In the mean time I wanted to give you the recipe for my new favorite drink of the summer.....Summer Beer!  I'm liking it better than margaritas, only partly because I have a mental block on the portions of mixes for ritas.  

(image from google images, summer beer lime)

Here is the Summer Beer recipe, so simple:
     4 - 12 oz. beers
     1 - 12 oz. can of frozen limeade concentrate
     12 oz. of vodka
Stir it all together and serve over ice.

Oh my gosh, it's so nummy, I'm going to make some when my sister gets here!

(all Gold Rush images from http://www.goldrushmn.com)


  1. Hope you had fun, too, at Gold Rush! It was my first time there and I loved it. Can't wait to see what you bought!

  2. I hope you found some good finds this year. I usually don't find the needle in the haystack and when I do I usually pay a high price. I felt so blessed with finding the hardware this year. Appears that hardware hadn't been selling well for the gentlemen, so he was just getting rid of it. So excited, as Junk Bonanza in 3 weeks is a huge event and AA/JMS event in October will likely find many of these pieces used in my jewelry redesigns.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  3. It was so great to visit with you, talk Goldrush treasures, and try some of that summer beer recipe too! Let's see some pics of the finds you snagged during the Rush! ???