Saturday, August 7, 2010

Junking Treasures

Just a quick post before we leave to help the boy move apartments.  
Here are some (I thought I'd taken more pictures when I was cleaning up my treasures) 
of my fun finds from junkin' yesterday.
My husband has been using bar soap by his sink for some reason, weird but we're never in the bathroom together so I never think to ask him.  So I've been meaning to put one of my collected dishes in there for a soap dish, just haven't gotten around to it.  Well, I came across these yesterday and they are right up my alley so the one with the dish will go by his sink.

Also a pretty floral and wicker look box and a few bits of old jewelry for my rejuvenated jewelry pieces.

The cool bright pink Samsonite carry on bag.  
I thought my little girl might use it as a book bag but she was unimpressed.  
I think I'll use it when I do craft shows.

I'm linking up to Debbiedoos Garage Salen Party!
Have fun checking out what some of out blogging sisters have found while out and about!


  1. I like the bathroom accessories, very pretty. Isn't it disappointing when kids don't like what you get for them?

  2. Great treasures. The bathroom accessories are great and I love the pink bag. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  3. Loving that pink bag....I would be so impressed if I where her! Thanks for linking to my party this week. I love meeting new thrifting friends, and I would love to see you again soon. Debbie

  4. I'm sorry your daughter didn't appreciate the bag. I most certainly do. Although I can say that just about the only thing my mother and I agree on is kitchenware. She's always looking at things I pick up and saying "You like THAT?!"