Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tacky Tacky

I've just about used up my second box of 500 count upholstery tacks.  The first box was the standard size antique bronze ones you see everywhere.  I bought them because I was too cheap at the time to buy the cooler more expensive 7/8" tacks I really wanted.  
When I used up that box I rewarded myself with a box of the bigger ones. 

So, just what have I done with all these tacks?  
I'm hoping you're asking!

I finished these last week while my Mr. Wonderful was out of town.  I bought these stools a few years ago at Warrington/Round Top, painted them and prepped them for fabric but never finished them.  I, just before this, had bought some cheap plain square all black stools at a chain store.  When I started to take them to the car to return them my family went up in arms.  Children, "We love these stools!"  Husband, "We had to make a special trip to the store just to get them."  "You said you wanted them."  What I wanted was something to fill the space because company was coming.  Since I found what I really wanted, I wanted to bring the week old, make do, stools back.  Short story long, the new old stools have been sitting in my sewing room taking up space for the past 3 years. 

Alas, as cheap stools are want to do, 2 of the 4 went rickety, 
so out they go! 

The tops are all different fabrics because I was draping different pieces on them to see what I'd like.  What I liked was the mix so why not?  These colors are all in the big open room, LR, DR, kitchen. 

These are the chairs I'd also bought at Warrington that year.  Ones that I actually finished in a reasonable time after I'd bought them.  I mean, they never left the LR once I brought them home so that had to have been fast, right?  The bird fabric was left over from some pillows and a valance.  I paid more for the striped fabric than I paid for the actually chairs, they were pretty rough but I liked the shape and size.

There's just barely enough room for them under the bar.  But if one were to goes rickety, I'll have a spare.
Below are some older projects, a few other pieces of furniture I've reupholstered, making use of my trusty tacks and hammer.

I reupholstered 2 chairs like this, this one's in the office and the other is at the desk in the laundry room.
The ottoman reminds me of my Grandparents' house, of a rocker/recliner my Grampa used to always sit in.
The chairs are from craigslist and the ottoman is from junking someplace.
This headboard I got from a garage sale a few blocks away.

I finished this one day, while my Mr. Wonderful was at work, and put it in place.  My sister was visiting when I bought it and knew I had finished it so when we visited her a few months later she asked him what he thought of the new headboard.  His response, "What headboard?"  No lie!  Seriously, he is a fully functioning human being, he is very good at what he does, and is well compensated by his employer because of this.  He simply does not need a headboard for the bed to function.  Or as he would put it, "adequate for the purposes for which it is intended".  Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Anyway, my big o' box of tacks is looking pretty empty, maybe enough for one more small project.  Time to reward myself with some more tacks me thinks.  So, when Joan from Anything Goes Here opened her etsy shop and was offering these, it was a mater of need.....right?  

 Vintage white porcelain tacks!  Never seen them before.  Besides, she packages them up so cute and included a handful of buttons to boot.   
I had you at vintage, didn't I?

Oh, by the way, my Mr. Wonderful didn't notice the new stools until after he saw the old stools in the garage, taking up valuable space, apparently, the lawn mower didn't have enough breathing room.  Ha!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you have done!!!!Very creative, love the two fabric on your chairs and those stools are awesome. Now, I am heading over to 'anything goes here'.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. The stools are awesome - love the mix-matched feel of them.

  3. Love the stools and the different fabrics!

  4. For the pictures, those stools look like the one's my Mama had in her kitchen when I was little. I remember rocking on the back legs, and, Yeap, fell right over and knocked myself out!! I think she still has one of them left.

    Love the fabric choices. It's hard for me too to stick with just one design. I love it ALL!!