Friday, August 27, 2010

Gold Rush Treasures

I've been busy playing with my Illinois Sister, too busy to get the pictures of my Gold Rush Treasures.  So before I hop in my not so big truck to go to my Wisconsin Sister's I'm going to post them real quick.

Some kinda periscope game I'll hang on our game room wall.  I need to think of something to make for my Mr. Wonderful with the Mustang trim piece.  The tile coaster was just on the table when I was taking pictures, I made a set of them for my sister several years ago.

This tin garbage can will go in my sewing room along with the wicker hamper below.  May have to change some curtains when I finally organize that space.

The hamper is a little bowed out so I trained it back in shape after I washed it.  The pillar is under construction.  Painted now and trim pieces added but still needs to have hooks.

These are all the statues my sister and I bought, the only one that's mine is the Mary with the crown, below.

Her face has been touched up, but I love the crown, so she came home with me.

Vintage Merry Christmas and Happy New Year banners.

Brass number stencils.

The bed tray from yesterdays post.

A bargain pail of vintage bottles.

These bowls and matching plates are the pattern of some dishes my Granma gave me.  Tin pans and sugar bowls for craft projects.  Keys for jewelry.

Jewelry parts and pieces.  The huge rosary is for my Mom's collection.  There's a little wiener dog tucked in the shadow in the front corner of the box.

I found so may cool vintage beads and chains.  I need to get busy!

Door knob hardware and a old white corner shelf right where it got dumped on the floor after washing.
  The shelf has already received a fresh coat of paint.  It will be nice when I finally get home to have some of my treasures all ready to use. 

Late in the day on Sunday, at Rochester Gold Rush, a dealer was throwing some stuff way.  We grabbed some books, I already bought the basket, and this old radio I plan to turn into a storage box.

This horse trophy is one of the things I tried, unsuccessfully, to wrestle from my sister's clutches!

I kept complaining that she was moving so slow and she kept complaining that it was really me that was slow.
  Oh well, I guess she's worth waiting for.

Who knows if I'll be able to swing this trip again next year.  Our trip up north is usually controlled by NASCAR in Chicago, but the schedule has changed that race to September.  (Hum, when is Junk Bonanza?)  That and my daughter wanting to take her car up to school in Minneapolis by herself next year, I may be out of luck.


  1. The trash can, Mary, and the horse trophy are my favorites.

  2. Love the treasures! I own the exact same brass stencils in my scrapbook stash! Keep the blog posts coming. Love to see what's new. I got a great vintage white McCoy vase and a little old pewter creamer for my pencils....garage sale finds last weekend while Mike was gone out of town. :D
    Kathy in MN

  3. You made me do it. Yep.


  4. Starting at the first photo, I'm thinking 'Wow, great finds, I would love to have that' and then they just kept getting better! Finally the door knobs did it ~ I ♥ door knobs!!! If you decide you need to purge some, ya know where to reach me!