Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I did about White Wednesday

My Mr. Wonderful was out of town last week, M-F.  That means I can make a mess and not have to clean it up before he gets home at night.  I can paint indoors, with air conditioning, and he won't know.  And I really cut loose and don't make the bed all week!  Ya, I know I'm a wild woman.

So I cleaned junk, I ate out, I painted, I junked, I upholstered, I stayed up late watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my daughter.  I ignored it for all those years and now I'm hooked, go figure.

Here's one of my projects, the before, well after I took a yucky piece of vinyl off the top.

It's an old shoe store fitting stool.  I wish the oil cloth was in better shape cause I kinda like it like this.

This is what it looks like now.  I wanted to put it in my daughters closet so she could reach the top shelves.  "Ah, Mom, I'm 5' 10', I don't need a stool to reach the top shelves of my closet." 
Who knew?  Not me down here at a mere 5'6". 

The old finish was barely hanging on, sanded off very easily.  At first I just white washed it but I didn't think I liked it or the way it looked with any of my fabric choices.  Now I think I should have looked for different fabric.  This needs something, sanding?  upholstery tacks?  something done with that 'tongue'?

I have a couple other projects I took care of last week but I'll share those in another post. 
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  1. Great transformation. I love the rug in the before picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks lovely. I had to laugh at the Mom I'm 5'10"

  3. Hi Susanne, I'm so glad that you left a message on my WW post..I found your blog! I love your makeovers and the rosettes and the mirror hangers. I just started collecting hand mirrors and was wondering how I'm going to hang them...thanks for the idea! I'm adding your blog to my blog list now! Happy WW!

  4. Wow! you really transformed this piece!
    Looks wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Susanne,
    Love the transformation! I had to laugh reading your post as I can so relate. My hubby is great, BUT he will only tolerate my projects so much!!
    Happy day!

  6. Loved reading about your "alone time." I too seem to tear the house apart when my husband is gone - lots of fun!

  7. nice piece...i would sand it though....rough up the edges......and maybe more vintagey fabric......

  8. Susanne,
    Love the stool. I agree with Jeanne about roughing it up a bit and maybe some 'antiquing' a bit. I would also suggest to replace the textured material where the foot goes when trying on the shoe--I don't know what the material is called--it sort of looks like tar paper or black sandpaper. That would put the 'tongue' into context. I'd love to have one of those stools for when I am constantly putting shoes on the grandkids! :) Emmy Bea in California

  9. Thanks for all your comments. I like the fabric, it looks more vintagey in person, kinda an old fashioned raspberry color. For the tongue I was thinking rubber tread but black sandpaper is a good idea. I haven't looked at this in awhile, part creative block and busy with other things. I think the next step is to rough it up and that might inspire me to finish. I'm hoping to get to this and a couple other projects for my little girls room in early Dec. so they are done for her to enjoy when she comes home from school in late Dec.